How to keep bees away

How to keep bees away

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How to keep bees away: tips and strategies to keep bees away in a natural way. Tips and tricks given by a beekeeper.

I have been familiar with bees for years. My father is a beekeeper, as was my grandfather and his father before him ... in short, they come from a long generation of beekeepers and I could not help but learn this wonderful art. I know how to deal with bees and I also know that they are a precious asset for biodiversity, for the environment and for humans.

It is not appropriateeliminate beeswith insecticides and other toxic repellents, rather, those who really do not like the presence of these small hymenoptera can use natural repellents to remove them from the garden or balcony.

Before explaining to you how to get rid of bees in a natural way, I want to make a distinction between bee and wasp. The domestic bee (Apis mellifera) has nothing to do with wasps (....). Although many are reluctant to believe it, the bee is a noble animal that fulfills important roles in maintaining the earth's balance (indeed! Yes!). The wasp is carnivorous and can be defined as a simple predator, wasps can attack and kill bees. In the photo below, a beehive defended itself against the attack of wasps. The insect circled in red is just a wasp that at first glance differs in its more lively yellow color and its more elongated body.

Once the difference between bees and wasps is clarified, let's see how to keep bees away in a natural way.

Natural predators of bees

Several insectivorous birds feed on bees. Among the most dangerous natural predators I point out the beautiful bee-eater, the thrush and the kingbird (Tyrannus).Among the predatory insects of bees next to wasps it is necessary to mention the dragonflies.

How to keep bees away naturally

  • - Smoke

Smoke is the natural repellent of excellence to keep bees away. Just think that the old generation beekeepers, to control the swarms, used "smokers", manual devices capable of delivering smoke.

To make the use of smoke more "pleasant" and effective, it is possible to sprinkle old jute bags with ground coffee. Take a jute strip, sprinkle it with coffee, fold it back on itself by rolling it up. Place the jute strip on a metal plate and insert a match into it so as to allow a slow combustion.

As an alternative to the jute bag you can use simple charcoal to be placed on a terracotta plate.

  • - Dispenser

Aroma dispensers are available on the market to keep bees, mosquitoes and other insects away. On Amazon such a product is offered at a price of 99 euros including two refills with a total duration of four months. The dispenser nebulizes aromas into the environment that act as repellents for flies, mosquitoes, bees and other insects.

  • - Aromatic herbs and essential oils

On the web we often read that washing essential oil and aromatic plants such as basil or rosemary can act as a natural repellent for bees and other insects. Nothing could be more false: bees feed on lavender nectar as well as rosemary and basil flowers, their cultivation could attract bees and not drive them away!

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