Moringa oleifera, properties and supplements

Moringa oleifera, properties and supplements

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ThereMoringa oleiferais a plant belonging to the familyMoringaceae, grows spontaneously in most of the equatorial and tropical belt of the planet. Thanks to hisproperty, theMoringa oleiferait is grown for several purposes.

ThereMoringa oleiferait is cultivated for food uses, for the formulation of supplements, for environmental bioremediation and for phytoremediation of water.

Moringa oleifera in the kitchen

There are many parts of the plant edible and all with notablepropertybeneficial and nutritional. The leaves are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, they have a slightly spicy and pleasant taste even when eaten raw. The leaves ofmoringa oleiferathey are often eaten raw in salads or cooked like spinach.

The fruits and seeds are also very consumed; for fruits, the most frequent use is the preparation, by boiling, of the immature pods that have a flavor similar to that of asparagus.

The seeds are taken boiled or toasted, they have a taste that vaguely resembles that of chickpeas.

The roots can also be used in cooking, they have a more pronounced spicy flavor than the leaves and have some pitfalls. Anyone wishing to inquire about the contraindications of Moringa oleifera should know that the roots contain an alkaloid that is potentially dangerous for humans, it is spiroquinin, a substance that, if taken in high doses, would interfere with nerve transmission.

Moringa oleifera oil

From the seeds it is possible to extract an excellent yield of oil: the seeds contain from 30 to 50% of oil, a high quantity if you consider that only 8 to 20% can be extracted from olives. Moringa oleifera oil contains 65 to 76% of oleic acid which is the same unsaturated fat that makes olive oil famous. Moringa oleifera oil is sweet and tasty and does not go rancid.
Once the oils are extracted from the seeds, the residual paste contains 60% of valuable proteins. The residues from Moringa oil production can be used both for human nutrition and for the preparation of high protein animal feed.

Beneficial properties and nutritional properties of Moringa oleifera

The fruits of the moringa oleifera, in Siddha medicine they are considered powerful natural aphrodisiacs for both sexes.

From a nutritional point of view, the leaves of moringa oleiferathey contain 25 percent protein by weight, a higher content than observed in eggs and even double that of cow's milk.

Turning to micronutrients, we observe a quantity of vitamin A four times higher than that found in carrots and almost eight times the vitamin C of oranges; the leaves of Moringa oleiferathey also contain triple the potassium contained in bananas. Below we report the nutritional value per 100 grams of raw leaves ofMoringa oleifera.

  • Calories: 64 kcal
  • 8.28 g of carbohydrates
  • 1.4 g of fat
  • 9.4 g of protein
  • Vitamins
    - Vitamin A - 378 mcg
    - Vitamin B1, Thiamine - 0.257
    - Vitamin B2, Riboflavin - 0,660 mg
    - Vitamin B3, Niacin - 2,220 mg
    - Vitamin B5, Pantothenic acid - 0.125 mg
    - Vitamin B6 - 1,200 mg
    - Vitamin B9 - Folate - 40 mcg
    - Vitamin C - 51.7 mg
  • Mineral salts
    - Calcium - 185 mg
    - Iron - 4.00 mg
    - Magnesium - 147 mg
    - Manganese - 0.36 mg
    - Phosphorus - 112 mg
    - Potassium - 337 mg
    - Sodium - 9 mg
    - Zinc - 0.6 mg
  • 78.66 g of Water

The pods also have good amounts of vitamins, especially Vitamin C. Where to buymoringa oleifera? Those who have a vegetable garden and can set up a greenhouse cancultivate moringa oleiferadirectly in the garden and make the most of its fresh leaves. Those who are not so lucky can purchase the extracts ofmoringa oleifera being careful not to buy "... based" formulations that see traces ofmoringa oleiferamixed with other ingredients.

Among the products present online we point outthe pure dried leaf powder, free of preservatives, colors or artificial flavors.

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