How to dry parsley in the oven

How to dry parsley in the oven

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How to dry parsley in the oven: a guide that will explain how to dry parsley in the oven or microwave. Tricks for drying parsley without a dryer.

The parsley it's just not easy to cultivate in the vegetable garden or on the balcony (it takes up very little space!), it is also a practical aromatic herb to dry and store all year round.

The parsley it is able to enrich many dishes, once dried it can be kept for even a year. The parsley it can be stored in the oven, outdoors, in the dryer, or in the microwave.

How to dry parsley in the microwave

Microwaving is not the safest method for dry the parsley but it is certainly the fastest. Parsley, in microwave, it can burn easily and drying may not be uniform. Who still wants to try to dry the parsley in the microwave can follow these instructions:

1) wash the microwave and let it dry.
2) Arrange the parsley on a paper so that it does not form more layers: be careful not to let more leaves of parsley!
3) Let the parsley "cook" for a couple of minutes and repeat the process until it appears completely dry.

Warning: if the parsley gets too dark and starts smoking, remove it immediately! The microwave is not easy to manage when drying herbs as the dehydration process starts from the inside and it is also more complicated to monitor. Good luck!

How to dry parsley in the classic oven

Wash the fresh parsley in fresh water, remove the stems, clean it and treat the tender leaves in pieces of half a centimeter. Blanch the parsley in boiling water (100 ° C) for 20 or 30 seconds maximum.

Roll out the parsley, cleaned and blanched, on a baking tray that you have previously lined with special paper. Evenly distribute the various sprigs of parsley, trying not to stack the leaves on top of each other.

Turn on the oven at the lowest temperature available: even if the drying process will take longer, the result will be more homogeneous and the risk of burns will decrease.

Leave dry the parsley for 2 hours making sure to check every 15 minutes. Drying times vary according to temperature, with very basic temperatures it takes 4 hours: the parsley dried is ready when it crumbles easily between your fingers, check often!

Remove the parsley from the oven, place it in a mortar and crumble it with the pestle. Remove any stems. The parsley, thus dried, must be stored in hermetically sealed jars to be stored in a dry and cool environment. The oven dried parsley it may lose its aroma after a couple of months.

Tips for dry the parsley in the oven
To save energy, we recommend drying parsley as soon as a dish is cooked, with the oven off but still very hot.

To get all the information on theparsley conservation we refer you to the article:How to store parsley.

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