How not to grow old

How not to grow old

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How not to age in the body but above all in the mind: here is the news on the latest studies and research to which I add my considerations, in my opinion even more precious! :-)

Science and medicine continue to advance and life expectancy increases hand in hand. A study by the UK's Office for National Statistics found that one in three children born today will reach 100 years of age and that the average life expectancy in the UK is 91 years for male births and 94 years. years for women born.

The three reasons which are the basis oflife extension identified by the Office for National Statistics are:

1) More effective medical care and surgery, particularly to decrease mortality related to tumors, heart attacks and other heart diseases

2) Adopt a healthier diet and a healthier lifestyle by a growing percentage of the population

3) Decrease in the number of smokers

If we look at the data released by ISTAT, Italy has one of the highest life expectancies in all of Europe, thanks above all to the spread of the Mediterranean diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, excellent for slowing down aging and extending life.

L'goal most coveted by all of us however it is not only to live longer but it is to live longer in good physical and mental condition.

In order for our cells to age more slowly, keeping our appearance young and prolonging our physical efficiency, it is still the medicine that is developing new substances.

There rapamycinit is one of the substances that seem most promising for slowing down the aging process of cells. It has been used successfully in animal tests by Matt Kaeberlein, of the University of Washington in Seattle and at the University of Tor Vergata. It is used on people with progeria ", the disease of" old children ", by Giuseppe's team Novelli, geneticist and rector of the Roman university.

Another substance used to slow down the cellular and metabolic processes associated with aging ismetformin, on which the studies of Professor Nir Barzilai at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York are focusing.

There are also many products on the market that help keep our skin younger and more elastic: it is skin antioxidant products that can be purchased online that contain Omega-3, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins: taking these capsules promotes proper hydration of the epidermis, counteracting the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Another theory on how not to grow old is based on the calorie restriction, or a drastic decrease in nutrition (at least 30%) which would force cells to reorganize to survive, activating some genes in their DNA to reduce metabolism, thus extending the life of the cell itself.

However, a diet of this type would be impossible for the human body to sustain, so scientific research is aiming to identify chemicals to be taken in capsules to reproduce the effect of calorie restriction on DNA.

Personally, all these theories leave me somewhat perplexed! Surely, attention to diet and to lead a healthy lifestyle full of physical activities is essential to stay young and feel good but I think we should all pay more attention to enjoying the joys of our daily life, trying to eliminate stress. and causes of unhappiness.

To clarify this concept, this thought of the Dalai Lama is illuminating in my opinion:

"What surprised me most in the men of the West is that they lose their health to make money and then ... they lose money to recover their health. They think so much about the future that they forget to live in the present, so that they cannot live neither the present nor the future. They live as if they were never to die and die as if they never lived. " (Dalai Lama)

More than thinking about how not to grow old, I think it is better to focus on how to fully enjoy the present! … Adding also the consideration that taking care of our body and our mind today allows us to age better in the near future!

Some examples?

Meeting new people, changing the workplace, traveling and accepting to question oneself and one's opinions is crucial for do not age our mind and even better a do not age our mentality!

- Do a minimum of daily physical activity (the famous 10,000 steps recommended by the WHO - World Health Organization) allow us to keep our body in efficiency and make it more resistant to the pitfalls of the years. In order not to age tomorrow, it is essential to start keeping fit today!

- To do "mental gymnastics”Is equally important for don't age our brains! There are specific sites with exercises created by neuroscientists who have proved to be valid aids even to improve the cognitive abilities of patients with Alzheimer's. What I use is Every day you will be offered games to exercise the different cognitive areas and you will be able to monitor your progress by comparing yourself with the statistical sample of users belonging to your age group (in complete anonymity) or, if you prefer, with your friends.

Any other game that requires you to think, strategize, and make decisions is helpful in keeping your brain from aging. My favorite game is the chess and the site I play online with players from all over the world is Registration on this site is free and you can play without limits by displaying an advertising banner under the chessboard. By paying an annual subscription of a few tens of Euros, you will eliminate advertising and access online courses and lessons and other resources. If you want to challenge me my nickname is "supermatt69" ;-)

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