How to grow pepper in pots

How to grow pepper in pots

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How to grow pepper in pots: from the varieties most suitable for growing in pots to the size of containers. Advice and care to devote to the plant.

In view of next spring, we can begin to dedicate ourselves to sowing those plants that we will then transplant into the garden, or those plants to grow in pots, first of all, the pepper.

In this guide we will talk about the sweet pepper and how to grow it in pots. Therecultivation of peppers in potsit is also possible on the balcony or terrace, just follow our little tricks.

How to grow peppers in pots, the right variety

Not all plants of sweet pepperthey are equal. Some have good productivity even in tight spaces while other varieties need more space. Which variety to choose forgrow peppers in pots?

The square pepper has a reduced growth. Don't be fooled by the name, the pepper has a slightly square base but retains its typical shape. The reduced growth of this variety of sweet pepper facilitates the cultivation in pots since it does not extend too much and does not cause space problems.

Asti square pepper

Betweenseedsthat we recommend for the cultivation ofpepper in pot, we point out the typical cultivar of Asti.

Period of sowing or planting of Asti pepper.

  • Sowing: mid January - late February
  • Transplant: mid-April - early May
  • Harvest: mid-July - early November

Why do we recommend the square Asti pepper?
Because this variety is well suited to growing in pots and above all it can give good yields. The ripening of the peppers is gradual and the productivity is very good, each plant can produce more than 2.5 kg of peppers, depending on the growing conditions.

Where to buy the seeds? Generally, these seeds are only found in the Piedmont area, those who live in other areas of Italy can contact a specialized agricultural consortium or take advantage of online sales. On "this Amazon page" you will find several seeds of Asti square pepper, available for a few euros, both yellow and red.

When to grow peppers in pots

Sowing, in southern Italy or in any case, in a protected environment, can start as early as the end of January and the beginning of February. For outdoor cultivation, however, it will be necessary to wait for spring. Remember that where frosts are still on the agenda, it is best to wait for the months of March and April. Potted peppers can also be grown in May!

In the photo, a plant of the Asti square pepper variety.

How to sow pepper

As for sowing, the seeds should be placed in a jar or in one of those peat discs that facilitate their development.

Peat jars should always be kept moist and not soaked with water, in a favorable position, not too cold, but always with direct sunlight. Before being placed in the disk or in the mini jar, the seeds should be soaked for a few hours in warm water. Once dried, they can be placed in the center of the disk / pot, with a not excessive layer of soil. After planting, it will be necessary to water and keep the soil constantly moist.

Within a couple of weeks, you will see the first seedlings germinate. As these grow, you can transplant the disk into larger jars, until planting in the earth or in the final pot. For planting pepper plants outdoors, you can start from March, for the temperate areas of the South and Center, or from April, for the North and colder areas.

The final decanting must be done when the plant is already developed with a wide leaf apparatus, with at least 3-4 large leaves. Each plant should be positioned at a certain distance, so as not to affect the development of the neighboring one. As they grow, however, they can eventually be moved, always paying attention to the roots.

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Pot size for growing pepper

How big should the pepper grow pot be? In many blogs we read an average size of 30 cm per pot. We tell you that you will get the best results with pots that are at least 40 cm wide.

Potted pepper, diseases and cures

The first peppers can be harvested from July to September, up to the month of October in the warmer regions
The peppers can be attacked by some fungi, thus affecting the development of the plant and affecting the yield. Among the most common are Botritis and Cladosporium, agents that act at the foot of the plant.

To remedy this problem, it is necessary to resort to specific copper-based treatments, while sulfur can be useful for powdery mildew problems.

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