Reductions for energy saving 2015 - 2016

Reductions for energy saving 2015 - 2016

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Reductions for energy saving 2015: updates on tax breaks and incentives provided for energy improvement.

Reductions for energy savings 2015: among the innovations introduced with the2015 Stability Law, we see an extension of thetax deductionsof 65 percent dedicated to energy requalification interventions carried out until 31 December 2015 and included as a request for tax deduction in the tax return made in 2016.

Therefore, those who carry out energy redevelopment works after 31 December 2015 will not be entitled toconcessions for energy saving
The answer is yes, but theconcessions for energy saving 2016they see a tax deduction reduced to 36 percent. Let's see in detail.

Reductions for energy saving 2015 - 2016

  • Who has supported works ofenergy requalificationof an existing building, building or stable, by 31 December 2015, will be entitled, at the time of the tax return made in 2016, a tax relief of 65 percent.
  • Those who support energy redevelopment works on an existing building, building or stable, by 31 December 2016, will be entitled, at the time of the tax return made in 2017, to a tax relief of 36 percent.

The concessions for energy savingprovide for a tax relief of 36 percent for all interventions aimed at improving the energy performance of a building. In order to apply for tax deductions, an energy certification of how the building looked before the intervention ofretrainingand a second energy certification to certify its improvement.

The measures introduced with the Stability Law have seen the extension of theconcessions for energy savingfor other interventions such as:

  • the purchase and installation of solar shading, with a maximum cost of 60 thousand euros
  • the purchase of winter air conditioning systems equipped with heat generators powered by combustible biomass, with a maximum expenditure ceiling of 30,000 euros.

Basically, theconcessions for energy saving 2016have seen a reduction in the tax deduction from 65 percent last year to the current 36 percent.

What do the facilitation for energy saving?
If we talk about tax breaks, these translate into deduction divided into ten annual installments of the same amount, in the year in which the expenditure for the redevelopment of the building is incurred and in subsequent years.

Others concessions for energy saving consist of a real reimbursement, this is the case of the Thermal Account which issues one or more bank transfers to reimburse - in part - the costs incurred for the purchase of more efficient biomass boilers (fireplaces, pellet stoves ...).

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