How to clean with vinegar

How to clean with vinegar: all the tips on how to use vinegar to clean the house naturally. What can wash with vinegar and what are the advantages of this use? Here are all the answers to your doubts about the use of vinegar as natural cleanserfor domestic cleaning.

L'vinegarcan be used forwash floors, tiles, glass and crystals but not only; L'vinegarit is considered excellentnatural anti-limescaleand can be used to clean taps, pots, kettles, hob, sink and stainless steel shelves or fordegrease the ovenin a natural way. Again, thevinegarcan be used successfully forwash the dishwasher, sanitize the refrigerator and eliminate bad smells, to descale the shower cabin and to clean the lacquered wood.

In addition to what has just been listed, thevinegarit can be used successfully to remove stains from fabrics, wash wool and to revive the colors of rugs and carpets. It is appropriate to say: now we will see the thousand in detailuses of vinegar!

How to remove limescale with vinegar

To remove limescale with vinegar, immerse the affected object directly in pure vinegar. Alternatively, place a sponge soaked in pure vinegar in the area to be treated, let it act for a few minutes and rinse.

If limescale has stained your kettles, fill them 2/3 full with vinegar and 1/3 with water. Add a handful of salt and heat. Remove from heat and leave for 12 hours and then rinse. It is possible to learn more by reading the page dedicated toDo-it-yourself descaling remedies.

How to clean the oven with vinegar

To degrease, sanitize and eliminate bad smells from the oven, just pass a sponge soaked in pure vinegar on the oven walls. To help you, you can warm the oven by heating it to about 30 - 35 ° C. Learn more with the articleHow to clean the oven naturally.

How to wash the dishwasher with vinegar

You just need to do an empty cycle by pouring indishwashera liter of pure vinegar.

How to remove stains from fabrics with vinegar

White wine vinegar is excellent for treating fabrics. Who are you wonderinghow to get rid of deodorant stainswill find a valid ally in vinegar! Just immerse the garment in an aqueous solution enriched with vinegar (a cup of coffee of vinegar for every liter of water).

How to soften wool

You can also immerse blankets and woolen items in water and vinegar so as to make them softer and avoid infletion. An in-depth analysis is available on natural detergents for wool and delicate fabrics.

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