How to choose firewood

How to choose firewood

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How to choose firewood: all the tips for choosing the bestwood to burnunder the fireplace to heat the rooms efficiently;

yes, not all of thefirewoodit has the same thermal output. First of all, we can divide wood into two different categories: hard wood and soft wood, soft wood is much more suitable for cooking (to make an embers) rather than for heating the house. After seeing how to light the fireplace, we will give you detailed guidelines that will make you understandhow to choose firewood.

Wood for cooking and wood for heating
Thehardwoodcomes from deciduous trees such asoak, beech and walnut. Thehardwoodit is the most suitable for domestic heating because it is characterized by a higher density and therefore produces more heat in relation to its volume. On the contrary, thesoftwoodderives from conifers such as pine, fir and larch, given its characteristics it is suitable for wood-burning bbqs (for cooking) but not for domestic heating.

What are softwoods? With which wood is it possible to make an embers for cooking?

  • Fir
  • Larch
  • Pine tree

How to choose firewood, seasoning

The performance of thefire complaintsit depends on the derivation of the wood (type of wood) and its degree of humidity. The curing times determine the degree of humidity contained in the wood. The lower the humidity level, the more efficient that wood will be to heat a room. It is true that a piece of slightly seasoned (very humid) wood will take much longer to wear out, but it is also true that it will produce little heat.

At the time of purchase, you choosewell-seasoned hard wood; if you want to keep the fireplace burning for many hours, without managing it and without a live flame, you can combine seasoned wood with “fresher” wood, that is, with a high degree of humidity; in the evening, combining a trunk that is still wet with a couple of small seasoned logs is an excellent strategy to find the fireplace still lit in the morning without any risk to the house. It takes from 9 months to 2 years to have a good seasoning. To chooseseasoned wood it means to burn afuelwhich has lost more than 60% of its humidity and therefore provides much more heat as well as being easier to ignite.

How to choose firewood, the essence

There are essences capable of releasing a large amount of heat, especially if well seasoned. The most favorable choices for firewood fall on ash, beech, birch, oak, hornbeam and maple, they are all woods with high calorific value, they are easy to burn and release little smoke; their convenience also lies in the fact that they are very easy to cut.

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