Natural remedies for sore throat

Natural remedies for sore throat

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Sore throat is a malaise that for the most part is accompanied by burning, hoarseness, cold, cough, etc. In any case, it can still be safely treated with natural ingredients readily available at home; in this way we will avoid contraindications due to the use of drugs. These are simple and easy to prepare recipes and procedures, even for the less experienced; in this regard, here are some natural remedies for sore throat to prepare at home.

Natural remedies for sore throat, honey
Honey is a very effective food for sore throats; they are able to eliminate the bacteria that cause infection thanks to its beneficial properties. It is also particularly suitable for strengthening the immune system. Two teaspoons of honey a day are enough to immediately see the difference.

Natural remedies for sore throat, lemon juice
Drinking a glass of water with the addition of two pressed lemons ensures antibacterial action, in addition to the advantage of offering energetic vitamins to the body and the immune system. Gargling with lemon juice, at least two or three times a day, can also relieve a sore throat. Returning instead to the previous remedy, based on honey, you can add a few drops directly on the spoon.

Natural remedies for sore throat, the onions
Onion can be considered a real natural antibiotic! Of course, for some, its taste may be very unpleasant, but you must not forget that it is a very effective remedy for a sore throat. In this regard, we can suggest an herbal tea based on its peel which consists in letting them boil in a cup of water. Once the herbal tea has cooled, strain it, add a teaspoon of honey and drink a cup on an empty stomach before going to bed.

Natural remedies for sore throat, eucalyptus fumigations
Among the natural remedies against sore throats we also find eucalyptus-based fumigations. To prepare it, just boil a pot of water, place it on the table and pour three drops of essential oil. At this point you just have to cover your neck with a cloth and start breathing the strong balsamic smell by remaining in this position for at least ten minutes. Repeat the operation two to three times a day until complete healing.

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