Pellet heating system, operation

Pellet heating system, operation

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Among the various low environmental impact and extremely functional heating systems we find pellet stoves. They have a rather elegant and minimal design, which adapts to any type of environment without cluttering and blending in with the rest of the environment, whatever its style. The pellet stove must be regulated like a boiler and does not require constant loads of the combustion material. But let's see in detail more information on its operation.

Pellet heating system, installation
The installation must be performed by specialized personnel, who must issue a guarantee certificate, stating that in the event of a malfunction of the device, the company will arrange for immediate repairs
The pellet stove has the ability to deliver very high temperatures, so it is suitable for very large rooms

Pellet heating system, operation
Since it is a rather powerful device, it is necessary to check its functioning respecting the rules:

  • You must never cover it especially at the height of the ventilation mechanism
  • Do not change the temperature setting established at the time of ignition
  • Avoid children touching it
  • You cannot turn it on with bare or wet feet or even with wet hands
  • Do not touch the parts of the device that come into direct contact with the heating system as they become hot

Pellet heating system, ignition phase

  • Make sure that there are no obstructions preventing the pellets from burning

Useful recommendations: given that pellet stoves are not subject to sudden shutdown (except in the case of a problem of excessive external ventilation), avoid re-lighting it to avoid any unpleasant inconvenience: in this case you will have to contact the dealer.

Pellet heating system, costs
Pellet stoves are available in any shop that deals with the sale of household appliances, they have a very variable cost based on performance and efficiency. Also online you will find a vast assortment and at very advantageous prices: this is the case, for example, of the pellet stove designed in Italy by Teknofire that you see in the photo below.

It heats the room evenly and in a very short time thanks to its high efficiency. It also has a modern and elegant design that makes it ideal for both private and professional locations. It has a digital display for precise and clear temperature adjustment: it also has an automatic function for programming ignition.

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