How to store chestnuts

How to store chestnuts

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From late September to late October, the chestnuts and while the peasants take care of the renewal of chestnut trees, at the end of the harvest, there are those who do their utmost forstorage of the fruit;but how chestnuts are kept

When the harvest is abundant, some systems of storage allow you to prolong the consumption offresh chestnutsor driedeven after many months of harvest. In this article we will explainas keep chestnutsfresh or dried. The methods forkeep chestnuts there are three: thecuration in water, drying and freezing. Before proceeding to store the chestnuts, be sure to remove all the fruits that are pierced or taken from black sea urchins, just as explained in the articleHow to collect chestnuts.

The water cure

Therecuration of chestnuts is a method of storage of peasant tradition which lasts 4 days. Thanks to the water cure it is possiblekeep the chestnuts freshuntil February; Here's what to do for keep the chestnuts fresh through the curing in water:

What is needed for keep the chestnuts fresh?
A large container, jute bags, a refrigerator, chlorine-free water, clean chestnuts.

  1. Clean up the chestnuts from external impurities and immerse them in water, possibly without chlorine.
  2. Leave the chestnuts to soak for 4 days, without ever changing the water.
  3. Remove the water and let the chestnuts for 24-48 hours, in an airy and shady place: do not expose the chestnuts to direct sun and above all do not lean the chestnuts on each other.
  4. Store the chestnuts in jute bags with a maximum capacity of 5 kg and kept in the refrigerator (or in the cellar if it is dry) at a temperature of around 4 ° C.

How to dry chestnuts

Drying is the oldest method ofstorage. The process consists in the progressive dehydration of the pulp which, in the case of chestnuts, goes from an average moisture content of 50% up to values ​​around 10%. Thechestnuts dry outsimilar to what was seen in the articleHow to dry fruit.

Thedried chestnutsthey can be kept for more than 12 months, also improving their degree of digestibility: thedehydrationit also favors a greater concentration of nutrients and mineral salts present in the seed. Thechestnutsmore suitable fordryingthey are typically those of small size and easier to peel. Here how to dry chestnuts:

  1. Spread the chestnuts in a thin layer (4-5 cm) on wire racks suspended from the ground and exposed to the sun.
  2. Chestnuts should be spread in the morning and stored in a dry place in the evening. Every day, stir the chestnuts.
  3. The drying time has a variable duration depending on the atmospheric conditions, but can be considered completed within 5-6 weeks.

Who points to onedried chestnutof higher quality (both in terms of flavor and nutritional value), will have to providedryingin the shade, under shelters. In this case, thechestnutsthey will take longer to dry out.

How to freeze chestnuts

Thanks to the freezers, everyone cankeep fresh chestnuts up to a maximum period of 12 months. How to freeze chestnuts?

  1. Brush the chestnuts, wash and dry them well.
  2. Enter the chestnuts in special freezer bags.
  3. The ideal temperature for the initial freezing is -20 degrees, and subsequently they are brought to the normal temperature of the home freezers.
  4. It is necessary to cut the chestnuts before freezing them.

Chestnuts can be stored in the freezer but only after being washed and carefully checked. Wash the chestnuts, dry them and cut the shell before placing them in a freezer bag.

Once frozen, chestnuts can be stored for a long time and cooked in a pan or boiled, just as if they were just picked. To clean the chestnuts and carve them, you can use a grafting knife or a special tool such as chestnut pliers Snips,proposed on Amazon at the price of 8.49 euros with free shipping.

Chestnut cutting tools (Tescoma also produces some, we have proposed a more anonymous brand because it is cheaper and equally valid) are very convenient for those who want to freeze a large amount of chestnuts to be used throughout the year.

How to store fresh chestnuts in the refrigerator

Preservation of chestnuts with the Novena method.

The method Novenaconsists of achestnut caremore accurate. Like the cure, the Novena method also involves soaking the chestnuts.

This system consists in putting thechestnuts in bathin cold water for a period of 9 days, remembering to change the water daily.

Day after day, eliminate chestnuts that rise to the surface (even those that rise to the surface in the last few days). The shells remaining at the bottom of the container must be dried thoroughly and then placed in the refrigerator.

Thereconservation of fresh chestnutswith this method it can reach and exceed three months but only if you remember to carefully dry the chestnuts before placing them in the fridge.

To avoid rot and condensation, place the chestnuts in jute bags, breathable bags or completely open in crates. Avoid plastic bags.

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