Do-it-yourself boiler maintenance

Do-it-yourself boiler maintenance

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Boiler maintenance, some advices. If for themaintenanceextraordinary we are forced to contact a technician, for theordinary boiler maintenancewe can provide independently. The heating system, especially after the summer break, can lead to various problems; how many of us have come to terms with one dripping boiler?

In this article we will show you what are the main works ofboiler maintenance thanks to which the life of the heating system can be better preserved. A well-maintained heating system will not only get rid of the expensive intervention of a technician, it will also allow you to save on consumption because it is more efficient.

That dripping boiler ...
When theboileror other parts of the heating system are dripping, it is difficult to identify the cause. Usually the drips are caused by the expansion of the metal, in the presence of threads that are no longer perfectly held, up to the jamming of the recirculation pumps that do not work at full capacity due to limescale deposits. These are only the main causes, however, to prevent this or other problems from arising, it is possible to carry out various operationsboiler maintenance.

Boiler maintenance, the water pressure
The pressure of the water flowing into your heating system can have various effects on the operation of theboiler. When the water does not circulate properly, the radiators cannot heat up, a water pressure that is too low prevents theboiler. Controlling the water pressure seems like a "stupid" task, yet sometimes iradiatorsthey do not deliver enough heat precisely because of this too often overlooked “detail”.

Boiler maintenance, the limestone
Impurities and limescale can cause friction in the operation of the pump and cause it to block. Blocking the pump can be a major damage that can attract your financial attention! Before it's too late, check the pump! In many models the rotating shaft has a notch in which a screwdriver can be inserted in order to prevent a first rotation. The pump is a circular element whose position varies, often located at the top right of the boiler.

Boiler maintenance, the temperature
Do you have athermostat (take a look at how much it costs and how to perform the assembly of thermostatic valves) or achronothermostat? While those who are not provided with thermostatcan evaluate this expense (which could save you up to 30% on heating), who already has a thermostat or chronothermostat, would do well to check the batteries.

The thermostat batteries, when they run out completely, cause the appliance to lose the temperature memorization and any switch-on and switch-off times (in the case of a chronothermostat). If you notice problems with temperatures, replace the batteries and reprogram the device with the right temperatures.

Boiler maintenance, check the valves
The closing and opening valves of the various pipes should be operated periodically even without a particular reason, this to avoid the appearance of encrustations, oxidative layers and other internal impurities. In addition to the mechanical valves, there are automatic valves along the system that must be checked at least twice a year to prevent them from blocking and causing serious problems to the heating system.

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