How to choose a light bulb

How to choose a light bulb

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How to choose a light bulb: a well-lit room can immediately appear welcoming and comfortable. To illuminate domestic environments, you have tochoose the bulbright!

How to choose a light bulb?
Betweenlight bulbs with the highest energy efficiency on the market, we point out the Light Emitteng Diode (LED) and compact fluorescent lamps (LFC), also known ascompact fluorescent bulbs.

The criteria forto chooseat best onelight bulbstrictly depend on your personal needs, in our guide article how to choose a light bulb” we will try to give you a general understanding to show you the best purchase.

How to choose a light bulb, the size of the attack
It looks like "discounted“, But when you buy a light bulb you have to be sure that the new light unit fits perfectly into the lamp it is intended for. In Italy, in domestic environments, there are mainly two standards, E27 and E14. These abbreviations indicate the diameter of the screw connector system of the bulb.

How to choose a light bulb, the light intensity
Is the light bulb you intend to buy intended for the bedroom or office? Kitchen, bathroom and offices are in need oflight bulbshighlight emissionon the contrary, in bedrooms or in the room intended for relaxation, you can lower the shot.

The light emission intensity, on the purchase package of the new bulb, is expressed inlumen. Thanks to the indication of the performance inlumenyou can immediately understand the amount of light emitted by thelight bulb.

When buying aLED bulbor a fluorocompact, observing the watts is not necessary! To have the equivalent of a 100W incandescent bulb you will need choose one light bulbhigh efficiency from 1300 - 1530 lumens. 75W correspond to 920 - 1060 lumens, 60W correspond to 700-810 lumens, 40W correspond to 410-470 lumens as well as the old 25W emitted 220-250 lumens.

Yellow light or white light?
While the light produced by incandescent bulbs always has the same “warm white” color, compact fluorescent bulbs and LEDs offer a wide variety of color temperatures (expressed in Kelvin, K). As well as for the light intensity, also in this case the choice is made according to your needs! There is no rule to follow, rather general guidelines: those who live in a house with rustic or baroque furnishings, to create little contrast with the furnishings, can choose a low color temperature light. A low color temperature, below 3300 Kelvin, corresponds to a warm light, with shades that can range from reddish, to orange, to yellow, to warm white. On the contrary, those who live in a modern environment and have several metal objects among the furnishing accessories, could choose a cold light, with a high color temperature.

How to choose a light bulb, duration and ignition times
Other determining factors in choosing the new onelight bulbare thestartup times (up to 2 seconds to ignite and up to 60 seconds to reach 60% of the emission) and the number of ignitions before a fault can occur, the standard ones have a value of 3000-6000 ignitions / deactivations and should not be installed in busy environments such as in the bathroom where you enter and exit more than three times a day ... theselight bulbsthey should not be installed even in transit areas such as driveways or corridors where motion sensors are mounted.

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