Trekking in Campania, recommended trails

Trekking in Campania: if you are wondering where to go hiking and / or trekking in Campania, you have landed in the right post-o. After seeing the places where you can practice rafting in Campania, let's move on to trekking itineraries most interesting of this region.

Premise - who I am
Before talking about the trekking itineraries in Campania I introduce myself: I am Anna De Simone, I live in the heart of the Phlegraean Fields, and my passion for nature led me to obtain the title of local expert attending courses and participating in projects pon and por organized by the Campania Region. It is for this reason that the Campania trekking itineraries proposed in this article range from the most classic to the less known.

Trekking in Campania, the classic itineraries

Trekking in the Lattari Mountains Regional Park
In Campania, i trekking routes most famous are those of Amalfi Coast.


  • Trekking in Amalfi, to discover the Valle delle Ferriere or Valle dei Mulini. This trekking itinerary has a medium level of difficulty: there are many bifurcations and the path signs are scarce. For this reason it is recommended for those who already have a minimum of experience. More experienced hikers can start from Agerola, a village on the hills of the Amalfi Coast, to get to the Valle dei Mulini.
  • Trekking in Positano, the very famous Path of the Gods. The Path of the Gods connects Agerola to Nocelle, a hamlet of Positano perched on the slopes of Mount Pertuso.
  • Trekking to Cetara, it starts from Cava dè Tirreni, via dei Pellegrini up to the sanctuary of the Avvocata, from here you will reach the villages of Erchie and Cetara.

The Sorrento coast
Remaining within the scope Trekking in Campania, let's move on to the Sorrento coast where there are over 200 km of trekking routes! Incredible right? Among these, the most striking are the path of the bay of Jeranto and Punta Campanella. In both cases, it is better to bring your swimsuit with you, even if at the end of Punta Campanella you will have to "climb" a rock to reach the sea, a procedure recommended only for the most experienced. Punta Campanella has a considerable difference in height: on the way there will be a gentle descent, so it is better to conserve energy for the ascent! To better organize the journey Punta Campanella trekking, organize yourself with food to consume at the end of the journey, take the time to digest, rest and leave for the return.


Urban trekking
Who prefers the urban trekking, in addition to the thousand itineraries of Naples, not to forget Caserta and Casertavecchia, Avellino and its territory, Benevento and its villages (very interesting The Grassano Park in Telese) and Salerno which offers the urban trekking from the fortress of Arechi to the historic center.

Trekking in the Picentini Mountains Regional Park
The Picentini mountains are another golden opportunity to practice trekking in Campania, extend along the Apennine line of Irpinia up to the Sele valley. From here we recommend the trekking routes of:
-Pizzo San Michele
-Calvanico / Sieti, also suitable for cyclists riding a mtb
-The Grotta dello Scalandrone
-The summit of the Acellica
-The Cervialto

Trekking in Campania, utility

More information on the trekking in Campania can be found at this address: Campania Trekking Itineraries. To read before departure: "Trekking useful tips". To better share your travel experiences, I recommend that you take a look at the principles ofSocial Trekking.

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