The Winner of the Solar Decathlon 2014 is ... Team RhOME!

The winner of the Solar Decathlon 2014, the low energy impact architecture Olympics, is the Rhome for denCity Italian team!

I am really happy with this prestigious result obtained by the team of students of the University of Roma Tre, coordinated byarchitect Chiara Tonelli!

The IdeeGreen editorial team followed this project from the qualification to the final stage until my trip to Versailles where I could see with my own eyes "the house of the future" designed and built by the Italian RhOME team: powered entirely by solar energy, eco-sustainable, modular, anti-seismic, beautiful and accessible to all, including the cost per square meter!

After the first bonus points in the final phase of Solar Decathlon 2014, the Rhome team has been awarded one prize after another in recent days:

first place in Operation of the house
second place in Comfort
third place in Innovation

until it was decreed winner of the Solar Decathlon 2014 yesterday evening.

To the second place he ranked the French team "Atlantic Challenge" and al third place the Dutch team “Prêt-À-Loger”.

The Roma Tre student team passed in the final round of Solar Decathlon 2014 twenty teams made up of the best architecture schools around the world, coming from 16 different states.

Do not forget the indispensable contribution to the final victory of the companies that believed in the RhOME project by providing financing, support and their best technologies and experts in their respective fields of expertise, including: Daikin, Rubner Group, Almaviva, Valcucine, Solbian, Ideal Standard and Velux.

Congratulations to all of the team and to the supporting companies that with the victory at Solar Decathlon 2014 have given prestige to our country!

For more details on the RhOME project you can read my article written on my return from Versailles with the photos I took of the house during my visit or visit the official RhOME website directly.

Video: Solar Decathlon 2014 - Team rooftop (January 2022).