Sustainable agriculture in the EU

Sustainable agriculture in the EU

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Sustainable agriculture it means completing the revision of the EC regulation 834/2007 on organic production.

As? With more rational control systems, with a greater number of suitable territorial networks and tools to create them; with the establishment of proximity markets and more communication aimed at consumers.

But this is only one of the proposals of sustainable agriculture contained among those that the National Council of the Green Economy sent to the Government at the beginning of the Italian semester of EU presidency (1 July - 31 December).

In fact, the document also talks about transparent European labeling, as correct information and at the same time responding to the needs of businesses. It is also said that the labels must show everything, from the origin of the raw materials to the nutritional indications.

Designation of origin, 'mountain products' and 'farm products'. With regard to doc, dop, docg and mentions of origin, the Council of the Green Economy asks the pro tempore Italian president of the EU to accelerate the application of the EU Reg. 1151/2012 which simplifies procedures by promoting the protection of products at international level of certified quality.

Sustainable agriculture are also the methodologies for calculating environmental impacts, which must be made simpler, more flexible and responsive to the needs of the circular economy. As well as applicable to medium and small agricultural enterprises.

Then there is the chapter of 'food sovereignty'. The Council's 66 green associations believe that each of the individual member states should be free to choose their own agri-food strategy. This means that each country can reserve the right to exclude genetically modified organisms GMOs.

In all, the document contains pragmatic and achievable proposals on six topics which are: ecological taxation, climate and energy, sustainable agriculture, water resources, waste, growth and green employment.

The conviction is that the European presidency semester is an opportunity for Italy to influence EU policies and to give an 'Italian' direction to the green economy in the old continent.

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