How to pack a bike

How to pack a bike

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How to pack a bike:all the instructions to prepare the bicycle for an expedition, whether it is destined for the hold of an airplane or the carriage of a train, our guide how to pack a bike it will give you all the tools to proceed better.

Ship or board a plane with abicycleit's not easy at all. To optimize the spaces you have to remove thebicycleand make sure it fits into a compact box that can overcome all freight forwarding or airline conditions. Once you have overcome the rock ofbicycle packing, it will be necessary to deal with the concerns: is the transport safe? Is there a risk of theft? Can the frame get scratched? Both those who deal with shipments and airlines cover the damage in the event of theft, while in the event of damage, the packaging must be carefully checked!

How to pack a bike,basic principle

Couriers and airlines have no sweet manners! In thepack a bikeyou must consider that the weight of a component of the bike (steering wheel, wheels, pedals ...) may represent a problem for the rest of the "pieces", this is because the insiders, when working with luggage, do not know soft landings, especially if therebicycleyou must travel with your other hold baggage, it will be launched and can land on any side.

For this reason, the first rule forpack a bike wellis to make it as compact as possible! The more the pieces are compacted on each other, the less risks there will be for your precious cargo. To minimize friction, it will be possible to use filling material for empty spaces, the classic example is polystyrene or plastic sheets with air bubbles.

How to pack a bike, the arrangement of the elements

Place fragile parts away from the edges of your packaging! Brake levers, rear derailleur, rear derailleur and hook are the most delicate elements and should be placed in the center of the transport box.

Remove the handlebar and place it towards the inside of the box. By removing the entire hook, you protect both the frame and the gearbox. The fork must be well fixed, therefore, if necessary - for space requirements - remove that too and disassemble all the steering components (photo 1, top).

If the packaging is large enough, after removing the handlebar, leave the entire steering assembly intact (photo 2, below).

The forks are not designed to withstand weight and the frame may also struggle if force is applied to the sides (if you rest other heavy packaging on your precious cargo).

On the outermost sides of your box it will be possible to put the wheels: a clever composition involves a wheel that flanks both sides of the frame.

Accessories to sacrifice
Mudguards and bottle cages will have to remain at home: these are two components that are very sensitive to shocks and moreover protrude from the frame.

How to ship a bicycle
All the rates, instructions and services that allow you toto ship a bicycle with couriers. Companies that offer, at reasonable prices, the possibility of shipping an entire bicycle. Costs and promotions to transport the bicycle by train or send it directly to the holiday resorts.

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