How to remove scratches on wood

How to remove scratches on wood

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The wood it is a very present material in the home, furniture, floors and fixtures are an example. Fortunately we can eliminate scratches on the wood and minor damage with DIY operations but also with the use of natural products often already present in our homes such as olive oil, shoe polish, lip balm. In this regard, here how to remove scratches on wood in a simple and effective way without having to resort to chemicals. It may interest you | Wood care, polishing and protection

How to remove scratches on wood, superficial scratches
To remedy the small superficial scratches we can use a common stick of cocoa butter: just pass it very carefully on the affected area. Even crayons can prove to be very effective against scratches: all you have to do is dissolve them in a bain-marie in hot water or on a heated spoon, then reshuffle them and apply them on the scratch: by enchantment you will perfectly find the color of the wood, thus minimizing the damage. .

How to remove scratches on dark wood
If it is wood with dark essences, such as teak, ebony, walnut or mahogany, we can remove the scratches with the use of olive oil: for the procedure you need to take a soaked microfiber cloth of olive oil and pass it on the affected surface, rubbing very lightly. As an alternative to olive oil, we can use shoe polish: it is the ideal solution for very dark wooden surfaces.

How to remove scratches on red mahogany wood
To eliminate the scratches on the red mahogany, we can resort to a common iodine tincture; just rub directly and gently on the scratch. to eliminate scratches on wood with shellac finish
To eliminate scratches on furniture or wooden parquet with a shellac finish, we can use straw-colored oil, which you can find in DIY stores; just apply the oil with a cotton ball and rub gently. The action of the oil will darken the scratch, making it less evident.

Products to remove scratches from wood

If you want to remove superficial or deeper scratches from the wood, as well as signs of wear and worn edges, we recommend the use of specific products. For all information on the products to be used and the procedures to be used:how to remove scratches from wood.

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