Fry potato skins, here's how

Fry potato skins, here's how

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Artichoke outer leaves, asparagus stems, mushroom stems, cores, pods and peels (read how to recycle the peels in the kitchen). Everything we usually throw in the trash can be turned into compost or… into tasty recipes. By following this principle it is possible fry the potato skins and get nice snacks, appetizers, appetizers or even side dishes.

Fry the potato skins to give life to one extra reach it can be especially convenient when we are struggling with preparing a gateau,a salad of potatoes, Neapolitan gnocchi and other dishes that require the use of only the central part of the potato.

The potato skins can be used for the preparation of vegetable broths or for a nice frying. For fry the potato skins you will only need oil for to fry, a little water, pepper, rosemary and salt. Those with a sweet tooth can add a few flakes of pecorino cheese to the finished dish.

Fry the potato skins is extremely simple: first of all you will need to clean each potato very carefully and, once peeled, instead of throwing away the peels these must be left to soak for a while in a basin with cold water, in this way the peels will tend to roll up forming curls.

Bathing in water is not necessary, but it is certainly recommended if you want to obtain a dish that is not only tasty, but also beautiful to look at; even better if you cut the skins in order to get them as long as possible. Potato skins can stay in the water for a whole night: maybe the night before you have dinner with a mashed potato and to welcome your friends you can prepare an aperitif with peels!

When the curls have formed, drain the potato skins and let them dry completely. When the frying oil is boiling, start frying the peels accompanying the frying with a few grains of fresh black pepper and a sprig of rosemary to flavor.

Keep in mind that for fry the potato skins less oil and less time is needed than it takes to prepare classic fried potatoes. The thinner thickness of the skins does not need a long time to cook and in no time the skins will be already colored (well golden but never too dark!). Dry the fried peels of superfluous oil and serve garnished with a cascade of cheese flakes.

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