How to save on your electricity bill

How to save on your electricity bill

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Simple gestures and daily actions are enough to save energy so as to reduce the negative impact on the environment and at the same time the electricity bill. How to save energy? Here are some very effective tips on how to save on your electricity bill without upsetting your lifestyle.

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How to save your electricity bill, the instructions
Do not leave the TV, VCR, HI-FI, decoder and similar on standby: the lights that remain on for a long period consume the same amount of electricity as the appliance in operation and are also the main cause of fires domestic. Do not even leave the chargers plugged in. Even the PC is a device that must be turned off completely: even the screen since it is the part of the computer that consumes the most energy.

Avoid washing in the washing machine at temperatures above 60 ° C: it is sufficient to program the washing machine or dishwasher between 40 ° and 60 °. In consideration of the time slots for energy consumption, use the washing machine and dishwasher only at night, during weekends and holidays marked in red on the calendar. If possible, avoid spinning which among other things also ruin the garments, and dry the clothes in the open air
Also, only run it under full load. For more information | How to do perfect laundry

Replace incandescent bulbs with low consumption ones: they last ten times longer and consume 1/5 less thus helping to lighten the electricity bill. It might also be a good idea to install timers and dimmers to illuminate corridors, terraces, gardens or other only when needed.

Prefer light colors for the walls and use more mirrors, as they improve the brightness of the bulbs. Choose chandeliers without ceiling lights: they will shed more light and will need less

In case of purchasing a new appliance, check the self-adhesive European efficiency label, with the 7 colored bands and choose the appliances in range A, A + and A ++: even if they cost more, they allow considerable savings on the bill, in practice the cost of the appliance will be amortized by the savings in the bill. Place the refrigerator away from heat sources and at the right distance from the wall, then defrosting it periodically: avoid lowering the refrigerator temperature below 3 ° C. Defrost the freezer regularly: a layer of ice acts as an insulator and increases energy consumption. Also, avoid lowering the refrigerator temperature below 3 ° C.

Make the most of natural light by opening the blinds and raising the blinds. In the case of a sunny terrace, do not underestimate domestic renewables: a photovoltaic roof is a great ally for saving on bills. At the very least, you can opt for a solar-powered boiler.

Adjust the thermostat of the air conditioners in order to ensure a modest temperature difference between outside and inside (no more than 5-6 degrees): 26-27 ° C in summer are the ideal temperature for both energy saving and human health. Better to use the "Dehumidification" function.

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