Revo: the revolutionary hybrid solar heat pump

Revo: the revolutionary hybrid solar heat pump

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The native Revo hybrid solar module from the Indea company

The hybrid solar it allows the simultaneous production of electrical and thermal energy. Such a system can be integrated into buildings that use traditional boiler systems, but it works best when integrated with one heat pump.

The advantages of the combination hybrid solarheat pump there are two: on the one hand it allows you to produce on your own a percentage of electrical and thermal energy that meets the obligations of Decree 28/2011, on the other it allows you to obtain unparalleled savings in terms of primary energy. The decree 28/2011, let us remember, is the one that imposes an increasing percentage of energy produced from renewable sources in new buildings and major renovations.

Quoting hybrid solar is heat pump we refer to technologies that are not yet widespread, especially in combination with each other, but which are entering the phase of full commercialization launched by a growing number of innovative companies. Among these is Indea, an Italian company born within the technological incubator Progetto Manifattura in Rovereto, in the province of Trento.

Indea has designed, patented and manufactures Revo, a revolutionary module hybrid solar native that combines the simultaneous production of electrical and thermal energy. The Revo hybrid module has a series of technical and practical advantages that allow it to:

  • producing, using the same absorbing surface, both electrical and thermal energy;
  • produce more electricity than traditional photovoltaics thanks to the lowering of the operating temperature in the summer period;
  • produce domestic hot water from solar;
  • provide the heat source for the heat pump water, even in the absence of irradiation.
  • integrate, and sometimes replace, the thermal contribution of a geothermal probe field.

The Revo hybrid solar module is equipped with a patented interlocking fixing system

In fact, the module Revo is only the first 'brick' of an infrastructure made of renewable energy for the home on which Indea has designed and built two systems already on the market: Akua, a kit hybrid solar for the production of electricity and domestic hot water; and Korus, an integrated heat pump system for electricity, domestic hot water and also heating.

Akua. It is a kit created to obtain electricity and domestic hot water, is ingenious in its simplicity and maximizes the operation of the technologies involved. There heat pump continuously communicates with the photovoltaic inverter and adjusts the production of hot water based on the availability of electricity. In this way it is possible to store energy in thermal form, maximizing the benefit of self-consumption. A solution that is extremely easy to integrate into any type of heating system.

Korus. It is a revolutionary system a heat pump that orchestrates the elements. An integrated system that controls the sources and directs them in order to optimize the performance of the heat pump to achieve the best results both in terms of performance and energy saving. With Korus, it is possible to meet the energy needs of any building, both in terms of electricity, heating and cooling and domestic hot water.

The Revo hybrid solar module is also available in orange

Having control of the sources, the Korus system chooses which one to adopt among four different operating modes that are selected with the priority of greater energy saving.

Operating mode Solar Probe. The Revo hybrid solar module works as a probe capable of absorbing energy from the surrounding environment. In this way, the performance coefficient of the heat pump it increases until it is much more effective than any other thermal machine. In addition, the electricity consumed is supplied directly by Revo and the Korus algorithm makes sure to maximize self-production.

Operating mode Solar Thermal. Large quantities of hot water can be produced, which can be used both for sanitary purposes and as a supplement to the work of the heat pump. The savings are surprising in the presence of an underfloor heating system. Moreover, thanks to the temperature self-control system, the problem of stagnation is avoided and the photovoltaic cells are cooled at the same time.

Operating mode Geothermal Battery. Thanks to Korus's ability to control springs, it is possible to store the thermal energy produced by Revo underground. In this way, every unit of energy is exploited to the maximum and used as a resource during the most severe climates. During this process, moreover, there is the restoration of the energy taken from the ground and the simultaneous cooling of the photovoltaic cells.

Operating mode Geothermal. The heat exchange for the heat pump it is always guaranteed, even in areas where the climates are very harsh, if in the presence of a geothermal field. Korus selects the source that is most favorable at that moment and ensures the best performance in terms of yield and savings.

The result of the integration between native hybrid solar and heat pump? Clean energy and savings on the bill. Thanks to the characteristics of the Korus system there is a great decrease in terms of primary energy, which translates into unprecedented savings in bills. In some configurations, it is possible to completely eliminate the gas, and therefore be as autonomous as possible from an energy point of view.


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