How to build a wooden planter

How to build a wooden planter

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If you are wondering how to build a wooden planter, know that there are several ways to achieve this. First of all, for build a wooden planter you can choose to carve a large trunk of wood so as to get one planter. As an alternative to carving (or excavating a trunk), you can build a planter real where the wood it replaces stone or brick components. For those who want to learn how to carve wood, here some advice

Having seen how to build a brick planter, today we will see how to build a wooden planter.

A wooden planter it will give the garden a natural and informal touch. Before starting work, remember that one wooden planterit represents the ideal solution for gardens but not for terraces. Plus, one wooden planter can be preferred to stone or brick when low: one wooden planter it is not recommended if you want to create flowerbeds higher than 50 centimeters.

How to build a wooden planter, the raw material
In build a wooden planterthere are those who recommend using railway sleepers in order to give more space to recycling and don't spend money on raw materials. The railway sleepers Wood have been impregnated with tar oil, a material that could contaminate the soil in your garden (it is a carcinogen). However, if you don't use railway sleepers but other beams Wood, you will still have to perform a treatment to make the wood resistant to atmospheric agents, in fact, to prevent the wood rot and to make it resistant to moisture and immune to mold, it will be necessary to perform a treatment with a special impregnating agent. As an alternative to sturdy railway sleepers, it is possible to use pellets.

How to build a wooden planter, the procedure
The procedure for build a wooden planter it is extremely simple. After carrying out the impregnating treatment on the wooden components, you can continue with the excavation. Before starting work, make sure that the impregnating agent is completely dry. Here's how to proceed:

  • excavate the affected area at a slightly lower level than that of the garden. For a bed of 50 cm in height, it will be necessary to make an excavation of 5-10 cm.
  • Place the first row of sleepers leaving, between one and the other, some slots for drainage.
  • The rows must be superimposed on each other until the ideal height is reached.
  • When overlapping the rows, remember that they must be fixed together by means of staggered vertical joints.

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