Forgotten Railways and Festival del Gusto in Grantorto

Forgotten Railways and Festival del Gusto in Grantorto

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Representatives of Co.Mo.Do, European Festival of Taste and of the Municipality of Grantorto

The Forget Railways are the theme of the 7th edition of the European Festival of Taste scheduled this year from February 28 to March 2 in the Municipality of Grantorto, in the province of Padua. The event, which coincides with the National Day of Forget Railways (March 2) by Co.Mo.Do., is organized by the International Association of European Villages of Taste Action in collaboration with the L'Altratavola Association.

Why the Forget Railways at the center of the Festival del Gusto? Because according to the organizers of the Festival, the theme of soft mobility is a good travel companion in an event that for years has been enhancing the food and wine treasures of Italy, including those less known. Treasures of the palate and of tradition hidden here and there in Italy that are best discovered by traveling by train, enjoying the landscape from the window together with the food.

At the European Festival of Taste which offers a tribute to the theme of Forget Railways there will be many Italian regions but also a good number of European countries. There will be Veneto to do the honors, Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Calabria and even Marche, Lazio, Sicily and Campania. All participants will bring to Grantorto products to taste but also a story of forgotten railways which will be shared in open moments of discussion.

From Europe, where the theme of forgotten railways is no less important, Germany, France, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Belgium, Romania and Albania will be present and represented. From all these countries, visitors to the Festival will be able to discover typical products, train stories and forgotten railways that unite the territories.

Between forgotten railways there is, for example, the Parenzana (talks about it at the Festival on March 2) so called because it linked Trieste with Buje and Poreč, advancing into the Istrian region. A narrow gauge line that with its 123 km is the longest built by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Emperor Franz Joseph wanted it to easily reach Porec, where a cousin of his resided.

National Day of Forget Railways, traditionally at the beginning of March and also full of other initiatives in Italy, is an initiative of Co.Mo.Do. a confederation of associations engaged in alternative mobility, leisure and outdoor activities. The aim of the initiatives is to promote a national soft mobility network starting from the recovery of disused infrastructures, forgotten railways, embankment roads and historical routes.

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