E-commerce: the best-selling Christmas products on the Internet

The Amazon Italy distribution center

Such as the products best sellers on the Internet for this Christmas? According to, and with reference to Monday, December 16, the day on which the megasite of e-commerce reached its peak of 109 sales per minute, at the top of the list are 'Play Station 4', the food processor 'Kenwood Cooking Che' and the video game 'Fifa 14'.

Speaking of toys, the three best sellers during the peak day they were 'Tower Bridge', Passenger Train and 'Freight Train', all from LEGO. Among the electronic devices instead the product best seller was the 'Canon EOS 600D' camera, followed by the 'GoPro Hero3 Black Edition' and the 'Canon EOS 1100D'.

The comparison with last Christmas gives an idea of ​​how much thee-commerce. In 2012, on the peak day, had recorded orders for 110,000 products and made 126,000 shipments (some relating to orders ordered in previous days) from its distribution center (Castel San Giovanni). On Monday, December 16, 2013, shipments were over 199,000, of which 34,000 destined for customers in Europe.

L'e-commerce in short, it knows no crisis even in Italy. According to data from the B2c observatory of the Politecnico di Milano in 2013 there was a growth of 18% and a turnover exceeding 10 billion euros. Web shoppers have gone from 12 to 14 million, or 50% of online users, up 55% in the last two years.

Some more data one-commerce in Italy The average annual per capita expenditure is 490 euros in insurance, 280 in tourism, 240 in information technology and consumer electronics, 195 in clothing, 125 in food, just over 40 in publishing.

Mobile purchases are increasingly numerous. The mobile commerce, purchases via smartphone or tablet via APP or directly on the web via PC, jumped by 255% in recent months and in 2013 conquered 12% of the total Italian market ofe-commerce.

Why is e-commerce more and more popular? The advantages that consumers recognize ine-commerce are: the possibility of comparing price and performance while remaining comfortably seated in an armchair, the immediate availability and timeliness-precision of deliveries, a determining factor for a good 'shopping experience'.

The technology also helpse-commerce. Today merchants, as web merchants are called, can count on information technologies and statistics that allow them to explore and interpret the tastes of consumers through the enormous amount of data (the so-called Big Data) coming from different sources, including social networks average.

The activity of collecting and ordering information useful for profiling customers through the web, an essential requirement for those who work ine-commerce because it allows you to predict trends, it has become a job for new professionals who analyze purchases, interactions with customer service, searches made on the web and any connections on social networks.

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