SEAP of 12 mayors in Veneto

SEAP of 12 mayors in Veneto

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The moment of signing the SEAP

For Covenant of Mayors means the initiative whereby countries, cities and regions voluntarily commit (individually or in aggregate) to reduce their CO₂ emissions by more than the 20 percent target set by the European Union. This formal commitment must be pursued by implementing some Action Plans for Sustainable Energy (COUNTRY).

Target 2020. The European Union has made the fight against climate change one of its priorities. In particular, the EU has committed to reducing total CO₂ emissions by at least 20% compared to 1990 by 2020. It is almost unnecessary to underline that local authorities have a leading role in achieving this climate and energy goal. Hence the importance of COUNTRY.

The first COUNTRY territorial area of ​​Veneto was approved on 19 December at the Treviso Chamber of Commerce by the mayors of 12 towns in the Pedemontana del Grappa area: Borso del Grappa, Castelcucco, Cavaso del Tomba, Crespano del Grappa, Fonte, Maser, Monfumo, Mussolente , Paderno del Grappa, Pederobba, Possagno and San Zenone degli Ezzelini. The first citizens chose to go beyond municipal boundaries and jointly plan interventions aimed at energy efficiency and the fight against climate change. elini (leader).

To accomplish the COUNTRY area (the first citizens have chosen to go beyond the municipal boundaries and jointly plan interventions aimed at energy efficiency and the fight against climate change) a mapping of CO emissions will be carried out2 and energy consumption aimed at the optimal management of energy sources, but also construction, mobility, urban planning, information and communication technologies and public procurement.

Technical partner of the COUNTRY is the Consortium for the Development of Green Building, while the Veneto Region is the support body in relations with Europe. The involvement of citizens, businesses and economic and social categories will be achieved through a participatory process made up of information and awareness-raising meetings, with the aim of defining the strategic choices to be adopted and therefore the interventions to be included in the COUNTRY.

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