International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day

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Poja stream in Val Salarno in the Adamello Park, habitat of the Ibex (photo of the Man and Territory Pro Natura Association)

Do not go unnoticed that today 11 December (but if you read on a different day, write it down for the coming year) is the International Mountain Day. And mountains in Europe above all means the Alps, the continent's ecological backbone and the flagship of biodiversity with 30,000 animal species and 13,000 plants, some of which are endemic, that is, not found elsewhere.

In International Mountain Day It is worth remembering that the Alps also represent the source we draw from for a series of fundamental services, primarily drinking water, partly stored in high-altitude glaciers. A value that is added to that of representing an invaluable social, economic and environmental capital legacy of millions of years of evolution and climatic and geological transformations.

But the International Mountain Day it also reminds us that the Alps are a fragile territory vulnerable to the threats of land consumption and the exploitation of natural resources. The Alpine ecosystem needs attention and care and to return to the center of projects aimed at relaunching sustainable economies based on local excellence.

There International Mountain Day it is also a hymn to the promotion of forms of tourism diametrically opposed to the persistent models of use of the mountains with a high environmental impact (mass tourism linked to second summer homes and winter sports), and to the implementation of plans to safeguard Alpine biodiversity and its unique ecosystems.

To the defense of the Alpine territory and to the promotion of International Mountain Day the Pro Natura Man and Territory Association works, which in the Alps has launched a strategy on the model of Landscape Scale Conservation or rather of landscape-scale conservation. This strategy includes territorial programs that combine nature conservation, territorial economies and the quality of life of local communities.

Another important initiative is the Adamello Ibex Project for the reintroduction of the species in the Adamello Park in order to prevent the disappearance of this animal. Let it be there International Mountain Day or not, everyone can contribute to the defense of the biodiversity of the Alps by adopting one of the symbolic species of the territory: a contribution for the long-distance adoption of an ibex, a bear or a wolf is certainly an original and green gift for themselves or a friend.

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