Those with Kindle Paperwhite read more

Those with Kindle Paperwhite read more

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You can also have an LCD reader, for example a Kindle Fire or an iPad, but when it comes to reading on a lightweight device with a long battery life, the ideal device is the Kindle Paperwhite 3G.

Presented in September 2013 - we are talking about 3 months ago and this authorizes us to say that the market test has been passed - the Paperwhite it is currently the most advanced eBook reader screen ever created.

The characteristic of the Paperwhite is that it reads like a printed book thanks to the screen without reflections, for a perfect reading experience (whiter pages and more intense blacks) even in direct sunlight. It weighs 206 grams and is held with one hand.

At the same time Kindle Paperwhite has all the features you can ask for today from a latest generation technological device, such as the exclusive Kindle Page Scroll, the Enrich your Vocabulary function and the 'Quick Consultation' which includes a complete dictionary and integration with Wikipedia.

With Kindle Paperwhite you can read, better than with a tablet, both the text of a traditional e-book (as if you had a printed book in your hands) and a hypertext written in the logic of the Internet. And there is also the social predisposition that opens to Facebook and Twitter to share tips on books, the highlighted sections and the most significant quotes with friends.

Another thing that we like about Kindle Paperwhite it is hearing from those who own it that they read many more books than before, digital but also paper. It is a rule: ease of access to texts increases reading in all its forms but also the desire to deepen.

Kindle Paperwhite 3G costs 179 euros including VAT (not a little but quality has its price) and you can buy it online with free shipping.

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