HydroBee, the hydroelectric energy charger

HydroBee, the hydroelectric energy charger

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There are many models ofportable chargersoffered by the market. From the additional batteries to the covers that integrate solar panels, none of these uses hydroelectric energy! Is calledHydroBeeand ... quiet it does not need a reservoir or a dam, it works with any source of running water, from a stream to the river, without excluding the water that flows from a tap!

HydroBee is a device formed by a small hydroelectric turbine placed in a jar connected to a rechargeable AA battery charge slod and to a USB 2.0 port. The water flowing into the device activates the hydroelectric turbine which in turn recharges the batteries and ... that's it: ready-to-use energy is produced without going through the home electricity grid. With such a charging system you can power your devicesportablein any context.

This device can be particularly useful for hikers, trekking lovers and especially campers who often stop near streams, rivers or other waterways. HydroBee delivers the electricity produced through a USB 2.0 port so it canReloadsmartphone, LED light or GPS systems.

To use HydroBee in streams, streams or rivers, a "plastic body" is used which allows the device to float and the turbine to be activated thanks to the flow of water.

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