Taxi car pooling with Taxinsieme

Taxi car pooling with Taxinsieme

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The car pooling it helps reduce traffic and pollution, and even the use of a taxi is a good anti-smog system for those who can afford it. Why then why not put the two together? He thought about doing it Taxinsieme, the new smartphone App that allows you to search for taxi companions by maximizing the advantages of geolocation. Objective: to reduce traffic and make the use of public cars cheaper. Milan, Rome and Bari are the first cities where the service will be available.

And the taxi drivers? The touchiness of the category is known, how will they take the novelty? According to the creators of this new mode of car pooling the happiest will be the taxi drivers, who will benefit from the expansion of the market for users of the service, previously the prerogative of a few. Also according to us Taxinsieme it will improve the world of taxi mobility as a whole, without putting license holders at a disadvantage.

How does it work Taxinsieme? You access the site and download the App for smartphones, Android version (active from 13 December 2013) or iOS version (active from 7 January 2014). There is no registration requirement. Once this is done, you can enter your 'search for a taxi ride' through parameters of interest: departure, destination and time. The system shows the compatible rides in order of distance and time interval so that users can meet on the web.

The next step is the choice of the ride, which gives access to further (important) details such as the maximum number of passengers, the flexibility of the timetable, the luggage on board and the various comments entered by the user who made the journey. precedence (each user is asked for feedback). If all the info of Taxinsieme are compatible with your needs, you register and send a request for sharing.

How can I pay for the service? The two users interested in the same taxi ride cannot communicate via text message until the sharing request is accepted. Once the request is accepted, the system Taxinsieme scale to both passengers (who are notified by e-mail and a notification on the site) a credit among those available and purchasable on the social network Taxinsieme. Only from here can you start chatting on the ride detail page or send private messages that can be used, for example, to collect multiple passengers one by one at different points along the route.

Here is the video presentation of Taxinsieme:

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