Marine aquarium, the necessary

Marine aquarium, the necessary

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Marine aquarium, all you needto begin setting up asalt water aquarium. What you need, maintenance and advice.

L'marine aquariumhas substantial differences from aaquariumof fresh water. The tank, the lights, the backdrop, the filters… everything has aspecific trim.

Marine aquarium, all you need

If you want to set up amarine aquariumand you just don't know where to start, in this article you will find a general overview of what are the materials you need to start.

The tank, adequate size for fish or invertebrates

It starts with the tub. In all cases, the height and depth of a tank must always allow you to reach every point of theaquarium.Especially themarine aquariumswith invertebrates they must be higher (with the same volume) than those of fresh water or marine aquariums intended to house fish exclusively.

Invertebrates, in fact, have very different light needs between species and species, they may require the creation of strongly illuminated areas alternating with others with soft light. This effect can be obtained simply by exploiting the power of absorption of light rays by the water and therefore with a greater height of the tank.

Furthermore, the dimensions of the tank must respect the needs of the fish. For example, the surgeon fishyou see in my photo below, it is extremely demanding in terms of space! Woe to putting him in a tank that is too small: he would suffer and end up getting sick or going mad.

The tub is just the starting point… try asking yourself this question, what are the parts that make up amarine aquarium? The filter is just one of them!

Salt water

To set up the aquarium you could use natural sea water but you never know the microorganisms you could introduce into yourssalt water aquarium! For this I recommend you to use one of the many salt water mixtures for marine aquariums.

The blends are reliable and must be prepared in plastic buckets. Only after having measured the specific weight (the weight must be measured at the temperature of the water at which the aquarium will have to be found) can the water be transferred into the tank.


Inevitable in any aquarium is thePerton wool together with basalt razor clams for their biological properties. Anthracite, quartz, activated carbon, active fibers, coral sand, shells, lava rocks, calcareous stones and ion exchange resins.

As for the preparation of thefilter, it is good to remember that all filter materials are equally suitable for bothmarine aquariums, both for fresh aquariums, the only precaution must be dedicated to those materials that can alter the properties of the water. For example, products containing limescale should not be used in freshwater aquariums because they would cause excessive water hardness. For themarine aquariumyou can use a filter with a pump, an internal turbine filter with air insufflator, an internal filter with a centrifugal pump ... in addition, the more complex filter systems integrate an ozonation system for impure water.

In this case, the filtering tool is given by an air pump for the ozonator, an air pump for the water coming out of the filter, a suction tube, a diffuser and the layers of the filter. How does it work? The impure water is purified and disinfected by ozonation in the upper part of the filter and is finally returned to theaquarium. Other crucial elements for the success of amarine aquariumare the temperature regulation system and the lighting system.

In fact the speech of thefilterit is much more complex. When setting up, you will need to consider whether to adopt a natural filtration system or a chemical filtration system.

Marine aquarium lighting

The lighting system can be set up with neon tubes, metal halide lamps (tungsten ...) or LEDs. Metal halide lampatas are the oldest, have a high energy consumption and heat the water a lot.

Neon tubes are currently the most popular. They heat the water less, are more efficient (they consume less) and are so versatile that they can also adapt to the needs of the most difficult corals to manage!

To breed soft corals 4 - 6 t5 neon tubes are enough, for hard corals you need from 6 to 8 tubes for the most demanding corals you go from 8 to 12 (or more) neon tubes ... all this must be clearly proportionate to the size of the tank .

Finally, there is the LED lighting which is perfect for corals, fish, plants and any marine life. They adapt to any shape and size. Since the LED lighting of aquariums has only recently been introduced, however, the power of the LEDs is more difficult to manage.

The sump

The Sump is the control unit of your aquarium. Generally it should be placed inside the cabinet that supports the aquarium. The sump will have to contain the water return pump, the heater, the skimmer ... it is a collection tank where the water is treated and, if necessary, returned to the aquarium. The water is treated in terms of oxygenation, heating ... If you think that a marine aquarium can be expensive, know that the sump will require a good investment for its construction!

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