How and why to dispose of used oil

How and why to dispose of used oil

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L'exhausted oil, if notdisposed ofcorrectly it can cause great damage to the environment: a liter of oil is enough to contaminate a million liters of water!

Who throws the'exhausted oilin manholes or drain pipes, it does nothing but contaminate the environment, risking polluting groundwater, streams, rivers and soil. The correctdisposal of used oilcan reduce this pollution threat.

L'exhausted oildispersed in the environment can also damage agriculture: theoildispersed in the subsoil, it creates a very thin film that acts as a waterproof barrier layer. This layer prevents plant roots from taking in nutrients.

In Italy 1,400,000,000 kilograms of vegetable oil. Of these, about 20 percent are dispersed in the environment such as used oil frying, therefore, even richer in pollutants. The correctdisposal of used oilprovides for a collection phase, where theoilused is stored in special containers (in the absence of these, if your municipality of residence does not provide you with containers for the collection ofused oil, to store the oil you can use old bottles of detergents) and a delivery phase. L'exhausted oilit can be given to collection centers activated by the municipality, or to companies authorized by the Ministry of the Environment.

Sometimes, in large cities such as Naples and Rome, mobile collection centers or neighborhood ecological stations are activated ready to collect anddispose ofourfrying oil. Therecollectionor thewithdrawal of used oilis practicedfor free: specialized companies do not ask for any compensation for itoil disposalas they manage to make their profits through environmentally friendly recycling that leads to the refining of the material for use as fuel.

Fordispose of the used oilproduced in the kitchen you will have to:
- arrange to store the oil in bottles (plastic detergents are fine too) or any containers supplied by the municipality
-confer the used oil to ecological islands or companies specialized in disposal.

Practical advice:
if your municipality does not have a collection center and you do not know who to contact, try asking your local restaurant. The restaurateurs deliver used oils weekly, an extra bottle a month will not change their life!

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