Hammerhead, the navigator for bicycles

Hammerhead, the navigator for bicycles

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For the most avid cyclists, for commuters in bicycle or for the most "social ", a navigation tool has arrived that will allow a completely new road mapping. The device allows you to share your routes, to trace routes, to carry out competitions ... all without lifting a finger from the handlebar of the bike.

Sure, with current apps anyone can map out a route and share it, but when you're on his pedals it's hard to keep pace and send tracks to your friends! In fact, it's hard to focus on driving with your eyes on a small display even when you need a GPS navigator. This is why it was launchedHammerhead, an intelligent and elegant tool that manages to guide the user while on the bike without making him take his eyes off the road.

Hammerheaduses a LED lighting system, visible even in broad daylight. Thanks to a variety of different light signals, the cyclist will always know what to do: the device is able to signal the distances traveled, how far away from the next destination, the presence of upcoming curves, the speeds ... there are many functions incorporated in the Hammerhead and for adventurous cyclists there is a navigation compass for off-road routes.

Right now, the Hammerhead is on the hunt for funds. Interested parties can purchase one of the first Hammerhead prototypes on the crowdfunding portal. About 400 cyclists supported the fundraising campaign. Anyone who wants to win one of the first Hammerhead prototypes will have to be ready to shell out $ 75.

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