Advice on choosing a lawnmower

Advice on choosing a lawnmower

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With the arrival of the beautiful seasons, garden maintenance work becomes more frequent, the sun beats fast and the lawn grows faster, which is why it is necessary to cut the turf more often. Today we will give you gods advice on the choice of lawn mower, a tool that not only serves to adjust the height of the turf but also to improve its aesthetic appearance.

They exist on the market lawn mower from the rotating blade, helical blade and mulching mower. In summary, we can say that for fine lawns, which must never exceed 2-3 centimeters in height, the ideal is a lawn mower with helical blade. On the contrary, for lawns of the genus Lolium or Festuca, which have a height of more than 3 centimeters (approximately 3.5 centimeters), they will be fine lawn mower cheaper with rotating blade. The helical blade lawnmowers are more suitable if the lawn grass does not have to be very high, from 1.5 to a maximum of 3 cm in height.

Advice on the choice of lawn mower

  • Choose the model according to your needs
  • At the time of purchase, let the retailer know the type of grass that makes up your lawn
  • Lawnmowers with rotating blade are cheaper and easier to handle but are not suitable for maintenance work on fine lawns such as the genus Poa or Agrostis
  • High-quality lawns should be cut with a lawn mower equipped with a helical blade
  • Lawn mowers with helical blades are more expensive but most of them carry a collector capable of collecting the freshly cut grass so as to avoid post-cutting work
  • To avoid the work of collecting and eliminating cut grass, they are available on the marketlawn mowerwith "mulching cut", in this case, the cut finely chops the grass stalks that can be left on the same lawn because, being very small, they will degrade quickly, turning into humus for your lawn. Very small grass residues will be more available to the action of various microorganisms.

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