Citizenship Festival

Citizenship Festival

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We need more responsible administrations and citizens willing to get back into the game in their local communities to act aspiring to the collective well-being and of theenvironment. It is based on these needs that the fifth edition of the Citizenship Festival which will see among the protagonists, for the third year in a row, the School of Other Training, opening event of Festival.

The course is open to administrations and citizens, held by experts from different sectors, will deepen topics of collective interest with the presentation of projects selected for thereduction of the ecological footprint, for cultural promotion and budget projects participated in citizenship. The advanced training course will be held in the Paladin Hall of Palazzo Moroni, on Friday 3 May, from 10:00 to 16:00, when the closing planetarium will be held.

The teaching of the School is entrusted to public administrators who have successfully conceived and implemented virtuous projects, helping to bring important benefits to the communities involved, among the experiences highlighted, there will be that of the Municipality of Camigliano (CE) which has reduced its ecological footprint following the example of Switzerland.

The day of May 4 will be dedicated tosustainable living, with the project ECO Courts, ecological courtyards. About 30 percent of the total energy fed into the national grid is consumed in residential buildings. Domestic waste represents 55 to 60 percent of the waste produced in Italian cities. Each Italian inhabitant consumes 340 liters of water daily. All these data to underline how our daily life impacts the environment. The project ECO Courts, with his workshop, wants to invite citizens to actively participate with collective actions capable of contributing to environmental and social well-being because it is really true that citizens are made: there will be no lack of education in responsible citizenship organized by the Department of Youth Policies of the Province of Padua, in collaboration with the "Giuseppe Toniolo" Research and Training Center of Padua.

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