UNU, the electric scooter with 100 km of autonomy

UNU, the electric scooter with 100 km of autonomy

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Is calledUNUand it iselectric scooterGerman proposed topricewhich starts at 1,699 euros with home delivery. At the starting price, the user has the ability to customize the look by choosing from different options and colors (as many as 65 different color combinations). The entry model has an autonomy of 50 km while choosing the double battery you get to 100 km.

TheUNU electric scooterit is currently marketed only in Germany and Austria but from 2015 sales across the border could be activated up to the Italian market. TheUNU electric scooterit is equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack that is recharged in five / six hours via normal household electrical sockets. It is one electric scootersuitable for everyone because it is very light: it weighs only 58 kilograms, making it agile and light when driving in busy centers. The battery pack bears the signature ofPanasonicand has a power of 51 volts. The charger is included in the price.

Unu, electric scooter – Price

As stated, the basic model provides a range of 50 km and the possibility of extensive customization. The entry version has a 1000 W motor but going up the price also reaches 3000 W via an intermediate 2000 W model.

Thanks to the predisposition for the second battery pack, this electric scooter it can travel up to 100 kilometers with a single electric charge, more than enough autonomy for an urban scooter: statistics show that in the space of a day, for daily commuting, you travel around 15 km. The addition of the second battery makes thepriceto 2,399 euros.


The top-of-the-range model, from 4.1 horsepower with two batteries costs 3,600 euros, a figure that includes the license plate and insurance for circuses in Germany. Theelectric scooter unuit made its debut on the German market in July 2014 and in a short time it captured the interest of a good slice of users. With the climateMediterranean, oneelectric scooterlike that could cause even more stir.

The maximum speed is 45 km / h and it goes without saying that it is an extremely quiet vehicle.

170cm long, 103cm high, 66cm thick. Without batteries it weighs approximately 58 kg (to which 8 kg of battery pack must be added) and has a load capacity of 150 kg. The rims are 10-inch aluminum.

How much does an electric tank cost??

On such an electric scooter it is possible to travel 100 km by spending about 1 euro of electricity. Considering the price of gasoline and the consumption of the current 50 cc scooters, it would take about 8 euros to travel the same distance with the classic thermal engine.


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