Agriculture financing: new opportunities

Agriculture financing: new opportunities

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The voice 'agriculture funding', Or if you prefer'agriculture incentivesSince these are incentives, it is a non-negligible item of Legislative Decree no. 91/2014 better known as the Growth Decree or the Competitiveness Decree.

The novelty is that in the conversion law n. 116/2014 of Legislative Decree no. 91/2014 (the 'Growth' decree), the Ministry of Agriculture has inserted (Article 7-bis) some important changes to the national legislation on self-employment in agriculture regulated by Legislative Decree no. 185/2000, Title I, Chapter III.

In particular, a subsidized agricultural financing (at zero rate) which extends to all agricultural entrepreneurs aged no more than 40 years in place of the already existing measure of 'I take over in agriculture'(In a more facilitative form).

The goal of this governmental form of agriculture funding it is obviously that of giving support to agricultural enterprises with prevalent or total participation of young people, encouraging generational turnover in agriculture and ensure better conditions of access to credit for agricultural enterprises.

What investments can be financed and what are we talking about?

Investments with a total value not exceeding 1.5 million euros that are aimed at the development or consolidation of the farm through initiatives in the production, transformation or marketing of agricultural products.

Who can benefit from it?

The recipients of these agriculture funding are agricultural enterprises, established in any form, which take over the management of an entire farm who has been engaged in agricultural activity exclusively for at least two years on the date of submission of the application pursuant to art. 2135 of the civil code.

Me too'agricultural enterprise the successor must have been established for no more than 6 months on the date of submission of the application and exclusively carry out agricultural activity pursuant to art 2135. It must also be conducted by a young entrepreneur aged between 18 and 40 or, in the case of a company, be made up for more than half (both numerical of shareholders and shares) by young people between 18 and 40 years of age.

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