How to make a chair cover

How to make a chair cover

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How to make a chair cover. Making a chair cover is not a daunting task and the materials you need are easy to find.

Before explaining to you how to make a chair cover, we specify that it is not difficult to find on the marketliningsready to use, able to adapt to various sizes of chairs and sofas. Linings for chairs with armrests, linings for the seat, for the backrest ... the image above shows thechair coversmarketed by the famous retailerIkea.

Prices ofliningsready-made could be even lower than those required for the purchase of the necessary do it yourself procedure. Theliningssimple ones shown on the left in the image above have costs between 4 and 6 euros. The long liners to the right of the image above they have prices between 15 and 20 euros.

If for theliningsimple, you can follow the instructions seen in the guide article "DIY chair upholstery“, Now we'll see how to make a long lining.


  • synthetic padding sheets
  • lining fabric
  • various tools (scissors, pins, needle, thread ...)

The fabric for liningit must be enough to completely cover the front and back of the backrest, as well as the entire seat. About 4 centimeters should be added to this length to allow for seams.

Cut the fabric panels to cover the front of the back, the back and the seat. When you have obtained the fabric panels, with a few pins, mark the center and top of each panel. Place the front panel on the back of the chair with the reverse side outwards. Adjust the fabric by stretching it well with your hands. As stated, starting from the center and continuing towards the outer edges, apply the pins forming small pleats, these will be your guidelines when padding.

A padded profile is machine-sewn along the edge of the fabric panel of the back using synthetic sheets. Put the reverse side back on the chair back.

Fit the back panel by pinning it and machine stitch the two panels keeping the work soft. To finish the job, always place the backrest upholstery on the chair upside down and place the already cut seat panel, still keeping everything inside out. Pin the seat panel to the back panel and, once again, machine sewn. At this point all you have to do is finish the job by doing a zigzag seam and mounting the upholstery on the chair again but this time…. straight ahead!

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