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Heat pumps: the new D1 tariff is launched

Heat pumps: the new D1 tariff is launched

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Operation diagram of a heat pump

About 400 thousand are currently installed in Italy heat pumps compression powered by electricity. Add up to about 150 thousand heat pumps absorption with natural gas supply, the installations of this very efficient technology represent only about 2% of the total thermal production plants installed in Italian buildings.

If the heat pumps are no longer in Italy, it is also because their diffusion has been hindered by an excessively high electricity bill (we are talking about compression heat pumps) based on a progressive tariff that ends up penalizing the highest consumption band, that is the one of which the owners of heat pump. There are advantages and disadvantages of the heat pump, but the former are more numerous.

To get around the problem of the high bill, many users have resorted to the expedient of installing a second meter dedicated exclusively to heat pump, but it will soon be unnecessary. In fact, things are about to change in a direction that will certainly favor a wider adoption of a technology, the heat pump, which can be used efficiently for heating and hot water production but also for cooling in the hot season.

The Energy Authority has established that from the third quarter of 2014 a new flat electricity tariff dedicated to plants with heat pump - tariff D1 - will replace the current progressive tariff. With this new method of calculating electricity consumption, owners of systems with heat pump they will pay around 21 euro cents for the total kW / h consumed.

The new D1 tariff for heat pumps it will be introduced first on a voluntary experimental level to verify its proper functioning. The test bed will be the customer base that, regardless of the free or 'protected' market contract, will request the reshaping of the counts according to the new criterion. However, it must be customers who use the heat pump as the main heating the residence is equipped with.

According to the Efficiency Report published by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, the heat pump it is the technology associated with the greatest energy savings expected between now and 2020 in the residential sector (the other is the insulation of opaque surfaces). If we consider the 65% tax deduction extended up to 31 December and the Thermal Account, 2014 could certainly be a year of great development for the heat pumps.

Attention: on 1 July 2014, the D1 electricity tariff for heat pumps came into effect on an experimental basis. Membership is voluntary: the application forms are published on the Energy Authority website.

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