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Two-hour rate, the news for 2013

Two-hour rate, the news for 2013

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With the spread of renewable energies, the Authority for Electricity (Aeeg), has decided to change the system by introducing a new one bi-hourly rate which will go into effect from January 2013. Two solutions are being considered, the first sees the introduction of one three-hour rate and the second provides for a reduction in the evening slot that passes from the current hours 19:00 - 8:00 to the restricted hours 23:00 - 7:00, these will be the times that will characterize the new bi-hourly rate of the 2013. Of the two options, the favorite is the new one bi-hourly rate. This is what has been waiting for us since January 2013.

What changes for Italians?
The famous "washing machine at night"Should agree more. How much would you go to save? With current prices, if an average family were able to shift up to 25% of its consumption in the evening time slot or on weekends, the savings could reach 20 euros per year. A meager consolation.

With the new 2013 two-rate tariff, taking advantage of the night time slot, the savings it should be more consistent but don't expect miracles! The purpose of the lighter fare at night is not to do save the consumer, but educate him and encourage the use of electricity in hours other than those where the "consumption peaks ". The goal is to put less stress on the national electricity system.

Why are the rates changed?
With the arrival of renewables, things have changed. The clean energies make their presence felt especially during the day (just think of thesolar power), therefore the critical range has become the "early evening" rate, with the old two-hour rate, the soft rate starts as early as 19:00, which is why we are evaluating a three-hour rate or the evening band will be transformed into a night band.

IMPORTANT: The two-rate tariff has changed with Resolution 383/12 / R / COM and no. 384/12 / R / EEL and n.157 / 12 / R / EEL. Here is our new article on the two-rate tariff 2014.

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