I. Right. And you? Altromercato proposes the model of respect

I. Right. And you? Altromercato proposes the model of respect

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"A concrete and sustainable alternative to the disasters caused by the imbalances of the dominant economic model". Just say I. Right and join the campaign Other market, thus favoring a shift towards a model that places man and the environment at the center, not profit, aiming at mutual respect and greater fairness in commercial relations. The president of the Ctm Altromercato Consortium, Guido Vittorio Leoni, focuses a lot on young people, because the future is in their hands, and it is their future.

1) What is the goal of the campaign? Who carries it and who supports it?

The goal of the campaign "I. FAIR. Let's cultivate another economy"Is that of raise awareness of the values ​​of fair trade, an economic model ensures a dignified life for thousands of farmers and artisans who work mainly in the southern hemisphere in contexts of poverty and marginalization. Thanks to Other market who have been dealing with it for over 25 years, have the opportunity to see their work value, their rights and the possibility of building a dignified life recognized. I. FAIR wants to make known this economic model that does not focus on profit, but which starts from man, his needs and the environment, to find a way out of this crisis all together.

2) When did it start? What have you done so far? What products did you choose as a symbol and why?

Countryside I. FAIR was officially launched in May 2012, on the occasion of the World Fair Trade Day. Throughout the month of May, the cooperatives and member associations of Altromercato, 118 throughout the country, enlivened the squares of Italy. They distributed a kit with rice seeds that symbolized the possibility for all of us to plant a seed to grow "another economy" all together. On that occasion, the online community was launched and it is also possible to join the project by "putting your face to it", with your own photo showing your membership. There are already many well-known faces: Neri Marcorè, Patrizio Roversi, Syusy Blady, Don Luigi Ciotti. For symbolic products of I. FAIR, we have chosen the ingredients of the "bread of the world", rice and flour, because they immediately give a sense of howagriculture be essential in ensuring people's right to food.

3) Why become a member of the community?

Joining the community is an opportunity to declare your support for the campaign I. FAIR. and then you have the opportunity to receive the Altromercato newsletter and stay up to date on all the news of the campaign. And there are many innovations in the pipeline that we will launch in the coming months.

4) How many people are part of it for now? Which is the target that proves to be most involved by Io.Equo?

Today more than 2200 people are part of the community I. FAIR. Our target they are mainly i Young people: we sincerely believe in them because the future belongs to them and it is they who can decide which world they want to live in tomorrow. There are many people who have always followed us, but we want today more than ever in this country to be the young people to make their voices count, to declare what things are important to them, and many have already shown us that they share ours. mission: the daily construction of an economic model made by people for people.

5) In your opinion, has the focus on the issues you promote changed with the crisis?

We have many positive signs. So many new people are approaching Altromercato shops on the territory, they follow us on Social Media, they participate in meetings with producers. The crisis is a hard reality for many citizens. These are difficult months but we believe that precisely these moments oblige us to take up topics the management of which we had completely delegated to those we considered more experienced than us. Today more than ever, people are aware that economics is not a science but it must be managed on the basis of priorities, values, principles. The Fair trade has always proposed to do business starting from the recognition of the value of the dignity of people's work and we believe that in no time like today this message should be spread and promoted.

6) How will the young people and their teachers be involved?

Through the community site it is possible for interested teachers to request further information material on the campaign and on other initiatives by Other market. It is also possible to request training on Fair trade also ad hoc for their own classes, from elementary school to high school. We are also often called to university courses and Masters to present our reality and, more generally, the Fair Trade model.

7) Is there the idea of ​​"fair trade = more expensive products"? How do you "deny" it?

Unfortunately, this idea is consolidated in the minds of many and often represents the first obstacle that prevents many people from entering Altromercato shops. With great serenity we can say that our products with the same quality can cost in some cases even less than competing products. There are also many initiatives that, like Altromercato, we have set up to meet many of our customers, such as discounts and promotions throughout the year. In the province of Verona, in Oppeano, we have opened an outlet that offers our products with price reductions ranging from 30% to 60% and we plan to open other Altromercato outlets in the coming months.

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