How to pierce the glass, the guide

How to pierce the glass, the guide

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Many do not know that it is possible pierce the glass without having to resort to the glazier. Have you ever wanted to puncture a bottle or a glass plate and then give up for fear of damaging the surface? In this guide we will explain how to pierce the glass without problems. The procedure is very simple, the important thing is to follow our suggestions to ensure the integrity of the glass object that requires drilling.

How to pierce the glass, foreplay
Before drilling, you must make sure that the object in question is perfectly clean and dry, otherwise it will be necessary to wash and dry the surface: this is to have full visibility of the point to be drilled

How to pierce the glass, the necessary

  • Column drill equipped with water cooling and suction cups to hold the drill in position
  • Spearhead

How to pierce the glass, the procedure step by step

  1. Mount the diamond tip to the drill and start spinning it initially
  2. Once the drill is heated, position the drill properly on the surface to be drilled
  3. Once this is done, start calmly to bring the tip closer to the glass then begin to scratch it slightly: since glass is a very bad thermal conductor, it is necessary to do a slow drilling job, just to prevent the glass from overheating locally.
  4. While drilling, lubricate the hole you are making with oil
  5. Adjust the speed of the drill to the minimum allowed and start it by pressing lightly: initially you will have the impression that the tip does not want to damage the glass, therefore patience is required; at a certain point some white powder will come out on the side of the tip, a sign that it has started to work
  6. Halfway through the thickness of the glass, turn the plate upside down and start the second half of the hole again trying to center the hole
  7. As soon as the hole has been made, drastically reduce the pressure on the drill and proceed calmly: at this point the work is finished

How to pierce the glass, useful tips

When choosing the diamond tip to drill the hole, it is good to opt for a larger tip than the hole to be made: in this way the hole will be cylindrical and not countersunk on both surfaces.

Don't forget that glass is a recyclable material; nothing prevents us from reusing bottles and jars to realize our creativity! For further information | How to reuse glass

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