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How to plant strawberries in the garden

How to plant strawberries in the garden

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The strawberries they must never be missing in our green space: they require minimal care, little space and at the same time they give us a large number of fruits. In the kitchen there are never too many, we can prepare tasty fruit salads, smoothies and maybe …… the strawberry jam is also very good. Together with other foods such as cauliflower, blueberries etc., the strawberries they are among the foods with the highest nutritional and beneficial properties due to the high content of antioxidants. The best time for plant strawberries it's spring. To facilitate and speed up the strawberry cultivation, it is preferable to buy young potted plants, preferably from organic farming. But let's see in detail how to plant strawberries,following all the necessary indications.

How to plant strawberries, useful information

  • Strawberries should be planted in an area in full sun: strawberries love direct sunlight and no shade. A strawberry seedling can undoubtedly produce fruit even in partial shade but the harvest will never be as rich as that in the sun.
  • They need a sandy, loamy soil rich in organic substances with an optimal Ph that can vary from 5.5 to 6.5
  • The soil must first be digged in order to free it from weeds and it must also be enriched with organic compost, perhaps homemade.

How to plant strawberries, planting of seedlings

  1. Remove the seedlings from the container then place the roots in a bucket of water for about an hour: it serves to cushion the shock of the transplant and to ensure the correct humidity for the root system.
  2. With the help of a small hoe, make a hole in the ground: the plants are placed in single rows at about 35-40 cm away from each other. The distance between rows must be at least 90 cm
  3. Place the seedlings in the hole with the crown out.
  4. Fill the holes with more soil and press the substrate well, making sure you have best covered the root system.

How to plant strawberries, watering

  • Strawberry seedlings should be watered regularly, intensifying in particularly hot and dry periods: it is preferable to water early in the morning to allow constant evaporation of excess water and the maintenance of the substrate at the right level of humidity.
  • The seedlings should be watered at the base and not on the leaves and fruits: if wet they would be more prone to disease and rot. A good solution is a drip irrigation system

ATTENTION: the seedlings must be purchased on the same day you intend to plant them. Leaving them in containers for too long can lead to weak roots and therefore stunted growth once buried.

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