New rules for online tire sales

New rules for online tire sales

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What changes in the fruitful business of tire sales via the web? Maybe some price, but maybe not, it certainly becomes more transparent and 'loyal' towards the operators of traditional channels who, in compliance with the law, have always paid the ELT environmental contribution to the state for disposal at the end of their life.

What does it mean? That after the pronouncement of the Ministry of the Environment in recent days, also the tire sales online managed by operators based abroad is obligatorily subject to the payment of the ELT - the contribution to the official consortia that manage the disposal - and to the payment of the related VAT which ends up in the state coffers.

For those who prefer to buy tires online (often unaware of the non-payment of the ELT) practically nothing changes, simply the inequality between the sellers required to pay the environmental contribution and those who, due to lack of legislation, managed to circumvent it is removed. As if, absurdly, the tires purchased on the web didn't have the same environmental impact as the others.

It will now depend on those operators of the tire sales online that so far have not paid the contribution whether to pass the higher costs on to consumers by increasing prices or if, simply, be satisfied with giving up an unfair profit. In both cases, the environment will gain from the elimination of a distortion of competition that has so far penalized the honest.

The figures at stake deserve some consideration. There tire sales online without the payment of the environmental contribution is estimated at 2 million pieces each year (equal to 12 million tons of waste) and the estimated cost of disposal for the community is about 5 million euros. Damage to which approximately 1 million euros must be added for non-payment of VAT on the contribution.

To rejoice, we rightly believe, are the authorized consortia that manage the end-of-life disposal of tires to which the environmental contribution that manufacturers pay at the time of purchase is intended. They are the ones who started the battle in 2013 which then resulted in a parliamentary question presented by the Honorable Ermete Realacci.

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