Covenant of Mayors and SEAP: what are they?

Covenant of Mayors and SEAP: what are they?

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The map of the countries adhering to the Covenant of Mayors

Covenant of Mayors, COUNTRY… What are they? Covenant of Mayors is the name of the main initiative promoted by the European Community to involve local administrations (cities and municipalities) in the fight against climate change. COUNTRY, what does it mean Action Plan for Sustainable Energy, is the operational tool with which the individual administrations implement the key strategy of Covenant of Mayors: reduce CO₂ emissions by 20% by 2020.

To the Covenant of Mayors therefore the municipalities of the 49 countries that have signed up to the initiative can join, and it would be a good thing for everyone to do so. Italy currently has a good number of signatory local administrations, a little more than 1460 considering the very latest accessions (December 2014), but it is not at the top of the ranking. Before us is Spain, which of municipalities adhering to Covenant of Mayors it counts over a thousand more, 2552 according to the latest data.

We can do better in short. Local administrations still refractory to the initiative could be convinced by evaluating that joining the Covenant of Mayors it is not just a question of image, but it can also become a driving force for the local economy. It does not cost and is convenient.

The administrations that adhere to the Covenant of Mayors in fact, they undertake to implement a series of interventions on the subject of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. And considering the market potential of energy efficiency in the coming years in Italy (not only referring to renewables) it is absurd that a municipal administration neglects zero-cost initiatives that facilitate virtuous investments.

Certainly adhere to the Covenant of Mayors it means taking responsibility, not just on paper. Membership involves the commitment by the signatory municipality to obtain a 20% reduction in current climate-altering CO₂ emissions related to energy consumption in its territory by 2020. Objective to be achieved by implementing energy efficiency measures.

On what basis? With reference to which numbers? Here lies the real commitment: within a year of ratification of the Covenant of Mayors, the signatory municipal administration undertakes to present its strategy for reducing climate-altering emissions to the European Commission. Such as? Through the drafting of the SEAP, Action Plan for Sustainable Energy, which must contain both the recognition of current energy consumption and the forecast of interventions aimed at reducing emissions in the municipal area. In short, there is a commitment, but it is worth it.

Most of the Italian municipalities belonging to the Covenant of Mayors it has a population of less than 50 thousand inhabitants. About 65% of these municipalities have already submitted their own COUNTRY, 40% of which has already been approved by the European Commission while in the remaining cases it is still under evaluation (December 2013 data). Missing municipalities are asked to strike a beat.

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