Enpa supports the circus without animals

Enpa supports the circus without animals

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The National Animal Protection Agency has strongly launched its campaign in favor of a circus without animals. The title is Not even the shadow of fun and the contents are a blunt condemnation of the use of animals in circus.

Because - Enpa writes in the information campaign for circus without animalsLet the children believe that it is normal to see an elephant balancing a ball on its trunk, a tiger jumping in a circle or a monkey dressed as a clown? while, in reality, there is nothing more unnatural? Why not stop and reflect that, behind the use of animals in circuses, there is mistreatment, suffering, violations of laws? ".

Of course they also exist circuses that respect the law and where animals are not mistreated, but surely the problem exists. Enpa writes, addressing mainly families: "Think about it. A place where animals are held captive and are not even a shadow of what they would be in nature, do you think it's a place where a child can learn something good? ”. The emphasis is on the unnaturalness to which they are forced animals of the circus

To a harsh and blunt condemnation, Enpa supports its strong support for circus without animals, supporting the circus of acrobats, of jugglers, magicians and acrobats who have nothing to do with the violence, oppression and forcing typical of circuses with animals.

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