German Shepherd: characteristics and origin

German Shepherd: characteristics and origin

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German Shepherd, the most widespread and well-known dog breed in the world. Some still persist in calling it a wolf dog, due to its resemblance to the other, much wilder quadruped, but the German Shepherd and the German Shepherd, he is above all a shepherd and he is proud of it. If we really want to call it differently, there is its unpronounceable or almost original name, Deutsche Schaferhund "(Schafer = shepherd, Hund = dog).

It belongs to the category of shepherd dogs and cattle dogs but its characteristics have made it, in the history of dog breeds, also a retriever, companion dog, a watchdog and as a defense, a service dog, well known to the police and also to many blind people that he drives daily. Wolfdog to whom, then?

German Shepherd: origins

There are at least three hypotheses surrounding the mysterious origins of the German Shepherd, but certainly born in Germany, a country very happy to have given home to this beautiful breed. There is the rather "banal" one that tells of a cross between a common shepherd dog and a real wolf, then there are those who think of "canis familiaris matris optimae" as the main ancestor of German Shepherd, it is a disappeared breed of which residues have been found in Austria, Moldova and of course in Germany. And then there is the theory on "primeval dog”, Very ancient, and which would have given life to German Shepherd after a series of natural and non-natural selections, and a series of centuries and centuries.

The morphology that we all have in mind today for the breed of German Shepherd, let's call it the “modern type” to be clear, it appeared and stabilized between the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries in Hanover, spreading very rapidly.

In fact, in 1899 theGerman Shepherd Dog Union who then published the first standard of the breed, official recognition of the breed, now we are talking about more than a century ago. With these awards, official breeding has also started and now here is the German Shepherd among the best known breeds but also among the most widespread.

German Shepherd: appearance

It is a medium - large dog German Shepherd, and carries around his beautiful physique with an elegant look, a fast and powerful gait, about 60 cm high at the withers, between 30 and 40 kg in weight, with the female a little lighter but not less than 25 kg.

The nose is strictly black, like the eyes, even a little almond-shaped and not protruding, while the ears are of medium size and straight straight. The coat has more variegated colors and is hard, with an undercoat. Up to the tail, long and hanging, the coat is black with numerous brown-red, brown, yellow, gray markings. There are also completely black or gray-black versions. The physique is always muscular and harmonious, a little elongated.

German Shepherd with short hair

The short-haired version of the German Shepherd it has a hair that must be as close as possible, hard and well adherent. It is very short in some areas, on the head, for example, and on the inside of the ears, on the front of the limbs and then on the feet, including the fingers. On the neck, however, it is a little longer and thicker and then becomes quite long on the back of the limbs and on the thigh where it forms a sort of "pants".

Long-haired German Shepherd

In this version of the German Shepherd, the hair besides being long is also much softer, soft to the touch and not too adherent. On the ears and on the legs it already shows some tufts and the pants already present in the short hair, here they are even more evident, the long hair also covers the tail. The head, the inner part of the ears, the front of the limbs, the feet and the toes always have shorter hair than the rest of the body. German Shepherd, as in the previous version, here, however, a mass of thick and soft hair appears on the neck fur collar, a mane.

German Shepherd: character

It is the most suitable dog to be trained, one of the reasons for the notoriety of German Shepherd and of the great admiration many of us feel for this breed. It is immediately evident that beyond the individual specimen, it is a very balanced and casual animal, but above all it is a smart dog, like few others. In fact, as already mentioned by presenting it, despite being a shepherd dog, by definition, it can be transformed into a guard dog and also a defense dog, both for people and for goods and properties.

There Canine police he certainly does not give up on such a dog to make him a "police dog" and thanks to his highly developed sense of smell, he excels in the search for people lost in the snow and unfortunately buried by landslides and earthquakes. Alongside blind people the German Shepherd does not hesitate to guide them, i carabinieri instead they use it like their colleagues in uniform to find traces of drugs.

The nature of the German Shepherd it is of course appreciable, it is not necessary to teach him that it takes courage and safety, it is not necessary to insist on making him become attached to his master, who takes care of a dog like this knows that he can count on it 100% and that he is willing to give his life for family he feels he belongs to.

While being very powerful and strong, it is also fine as cCompanion of games for children, because very sociable, good company and not aggressive at all, indeed, very playful. In short, the German Shepherd it is the perfect synthesis between obedience and predatory instinct, a precious balance in a magnificent body.

German Shepherd: breeding

As soon as it started to become popular, the German Shepherd, at the beginning of the 1900s, many began to breed it, also convinced that they could earn a lot of money. A breeding of this type of dog, and the families who take one, must take into account its great need to satisfy its remarkable exercise needs.

It's a great sportsman, has impressive power and endurance that puts marathoners to the test, which is why it is not necessary to force him at home. It needs a lot of time in the open air to stretch the legs, until exhaustion, of the master.

In a house with a garden it is fine, however, and can also act as a guard dog, with that pinch of distrust it shows, and the great sense of protection that has innate. He is not "bad" or even lonely, but it is necessary to always give him something to do, if he gets bored he gets depressed or gets nervous, unhappy.

German Shepherd: feeding

With the beautiful physique that you find the German Shepherd, it is worth helping to maintain it, in this challenge, nutrition is essential: healthy, complete and balanced. The first months you can start with 3 meals a day, then you need to scale to two and never miss the bowl of water.

Before getting involved in the home preparation of your lunches, I recommend that you rely on the excellent brands that are on the market today, for both wet and dry foods: to receive valid advice you can contact your veterinarian who will be able to indicate the most complete and free of preservatives and harmful additives. Knowing what the natural dog foods, then we must avoid adding extras, least of all if kitchen leftovers for humans that would only hurt them.

German Shepherd: price

For a puppy of German Shepherd you have very variable prices and also many possibilities to run into scams, both for prices too low, both for too high figures. Generally you see numbers between 500 and 800 euros. All uninterested experts, however, warn that one must take into account how the popularity of the German Shepherd led to economic benefits for farms.

Consequently, there was a production boom to the detriment of the quality of the specimens then obtained and put on sale. This simply means that it is necessary choose more carefully than ever a referenced breeding or a good specialized shop. When our puppy of German Shepherd he goes around the house, enthusiastic we can start educating him right away, and we must proceed gently but firmly.

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