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Differentiate aluminum: not just cans, here are the golden rules for collecting aluminum for recycling.

When it comes to aluminum, Italy is among the European leaders in the recycling of this metal. For a three-cup moka pot you need 37 recycled aluminum cans. All the coffee makers produced in Italy, about 7 million every year, are made of recycled aluminum! Not bad, right? To recycle a bicycle you need 800 cans and also the sector automotive sees a great use of recycled aluminum: about 640 recycled cans are used to produce a car rim! From these simple estimates we understand thatdifferentiate aluminumit is fundamental, both from an environmental point of view and from an economic point of view. L'recycled aluminumis a resource that moves large capital, just think that the Board of Directors of the consortium responsible for the recovery and recycling of aluminum in Italy, wanted to reward the municipalities that have distinguished themselves for the best quantities ofdifferentiated aluminum, that is to say Milan, Asti, Pordenone, Padua, Chieti, Benevento, Salerno, Lecce and Sassari. The prize was a moneyed bonus of 400,000 euros!

How to differentiate aluminum

As stated, collecting aluminum does not just mean collecting cans. There are many commonly used aluminum containers. Beverage cans, tins, trays, pods and various packaging.

Cans are undoubtedly the most widespread and well-known form of aluminum packaging. Together with the cans, however, the cans and trays for food, aerosol cans, tubes, caps and closures must be collected ... even the aluminum foil used in the kitchen must be collected.

Already, the aluminum sheets used in the kitchen must be collected with the recycling. The so-calledtinfoilit is 100% aluminum. In jargon, it continues to be called tinfoil because it once contained a high percentage of tin, which it no longer possesses today. The aluminum rolls used in the kitchen must be recycled just like the wrappers for chocolates, typically made of thinner or colored aluminum foil.

Fordifferentiate aluminumit is not necessary to rinse the packaging in question. Especially when it comes to aluminum foil, trays and cans for food, you just need to remove the residues by shaking the packaging well or at least by wiping it over an already dirty paper towel.

TheCial, aluminum packaging consortium, informs us that all the differentiated aluminum, before reaching the melting stage to be reused, undergoes a procedure ofpre-mergerso as to eliminate any kind of residue, a sort of general cleaning.

Therealuminum collectionit is never done alone, in any town in Italy! Aluminum goesdifferentiatedalways with other materials such as plastic or glass.

Indifferentiate aluminumit is not necessary to pay attention to other metals: very often packaging such as cans for preserves, food cans and aerosol cans, are made of steel. As anticipated, indifferentiate aluminumyou do not have to be careful because steel always collects together with aluminum.

For differentiate aluminum in the home, eliminating any encumbrance, there is no lack of devices that deal with the pressing of cans and plastic bottles. While home users can make use of manual presses like the one shown in the photo above, restaurateurs, bars and hospitality establishments can use electric and higher performing can presses.

The photo above shows the Meliconi bottle and can crusher, offered at a price of 13.90 euros on Amazon, with free shipping. Other bottle crushers and cans offered on Amazon are:

  • Ashley Can Crusher
    It has screws for fixing to the wall and an ergonomic sleeve. Can only be used with small, 400ml cans or bottles. The price is 8.83 euros with free shipping.
  • Compacting press for plastic bottles and cans
    This can also be anchored to the wall, it is more robust and looks good. It can compact even the largest bottles. The price amounts to € 51.45 with free shipping.

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