Herbal teas for sleeping, all instructions

Herbal teas for sleeping, all instructions

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DIY herbal teas for sleeping: tips on herbs to use to prepare excellent natural herbal teas at home to fight insomnia and sleep well.

Theherbal teas for sleepingthey can be used by adults in good health, without allergy problems or physiological dysfunctions. If there are any particular conditions, it is better to consult with your doctor. In some cases, theherbal teas for sleepingthey can also be administered to children, but in this context the opinion of the pediatrician is always necessary. Even if it comes tonatural remedies for sleep, if you hire one of theseherbal teas, avoid driving vehicles or carrying out other activities that require some attention.

Passionflower to ensure good sleep and relieve anxiety

The best natural ally forassistsleep and improve its quality is therepassionflower.Therepassionflowerit can be used alone or in combination with other herbs. It is a very powerful natural remedy, so much so that in combination with Griffonia semplicifolia it is indicated for the treatment of anxiety disorders. For aDIY herbal tea for sleeping well and deeply, you can infuse 40 grams of passion flower, 40 grams of valerian and 20 grams of lemon balm. The ideal brewing time is 10 minutes in a cup of boiling water.

The rosolaccio is perfect for those who have difficulty falling asleep

This plant can be considered an excellent onenatural remedyfor those who have difficulty falling asleep. Before going to bed you should take a few minutes to dedicate to healthy relaxation: a hot bath, a good read, some cuddles ... At this juncture you can drink an infusion of corn poppy, a botanical species better known asPapaver rhoeas.

The rosaccio, commonly called "red poppy", grows spontaneously in uncultivated fields. It blooms between May and July and for its infusion it will be enough to collect the petals.

Remove the petals carefully and let them dry in the shade. Arrange the petals in individual layers. Once dried, you can store them in airtight glass or porcelain containers.

If last summer you didn't get to collect thepoppies, you can buy the petals already dried in herbal medicine: they are very common. For arelaxing herbal teaforto sleepyou have to infuse two teaspoons of dried petals in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Consume in small sips before going to bed.

Not just herbal teas: lettuce decoction for sleeping

Did you imagine it? The common lettuce has relaxing properties and can help you fall asleep. Of course, the flavor of lettuce decoction is less tempting than that of passionflower or poppy tea, however ... if you have nothing at home, go to the garden and pick up a lettuce. Choose a lettuce grown without the use of phytosanitary substances.

How do you prepare lettuce decoction for sleeping? Take half a well-washed lettuce and boil it (for 5 minutes) in 250 ml of water. Take the lettuce decoction about 40 minutes before going to bed.

Whensweetenedyourherbal teas for sleepingavoidscrupulously sugar. Sweeten with stevia. Stevia is a very popular natural sweetener, it is obtained from the leaves of the botanical speciesStevia rebaudianaand has a sweetening power 300 times higher than that of sugar.

Natural remedies for sleep, essential oils

Theherbal teasjust listed are not the only natural remedy to combat insomnia. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to promote relaxation, sleep and well-being. You can diffuse essential oils using herbal burners or you can perfume your pillow with a couple of drops of relaxing essential oils. Among the most popular relaxing essential oils I point out theLavender essential oil.

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For other tips and natural remedies for sleeping, I refer you to the page dedicated torelaxation herbs.

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