Wheat germ oil, properties and uses

Wheat germ oil, properties and uses

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Wheat germ oil: properties and uses, from natural do-it-yourself cosmetics tofood-grade wheat germ oil. Nutritional values, methods of use and all the information on natural remedies.

L'Wheat germ oilis obtained from a process ofcold pressingof the seeds of soft wheat or wheat, botanically known asTriticum vulgare. Someone might feel confused to hear ofwheat germ, so, for safety, we repeatwhat is that.

Wheat germ, what is it

The wheat kernel consists of: the embryo orwheat germ (which constitutes only 2.5 - 4% of its weight) integuments or casings (about 8%) starchy endosperm or floury almond (about 87-89%). What is a caryopsis? Do you see the ear of wheat shown in the photo below? Every single"Spicchietto"is a caryopsis which, among other things, is also composed ofwheat germ.

The low yield in terms ofoilobtained for every ton of wheat germ processed, justifies the high price of the finished product.

Dietary wheat germ oil, nutritional values

L'Wheat germ oilis rich inVitamin E, 255 mg per 100 grams of product, is counted among the foods with the highest content of vitamin E.

In addition to vitamin E, which plays an important activityantioxidantcounteracting the formation of free radicals, theWheat germ oilprovides a fair amount of B vitamins, in particular vitamins B1, B3, B5 and B6, vitamin D and provitamin A.

Among other nutrients, it provides high percentages of phospholipids and fatty acids (below the composition in terms of fatty acids), essential amino acids and micronutrients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, sulfur, selenium, silicon and manganese.

How many calories? 899 kcal per 100 gr of product.

Used in the kitchen, wheat germ oil is strongly flavored so it is considered a fine condiment (it is expensive). It spoils easily so care must be taken to correct itstorage.

The fatty acid composition ofWheat germ oil see, for 100 grams of product, these proportions:

  • Linoleic acid (omega-6) 55 grams
  • Palmitic acid, 16 grams
  • Oleic acid 14 grams
  • Linolenic acid (omega-3) 7 grams

As is clear, the most abundant fatty acid islinoleic acidand not linolenic ... many bloggers get confused by saying thatWheat germ oilis rich inOmega 3, but in reality the most abundant antioxidant agent is represented by linoleic acid, thereforeomega-6. It is always a polyunsaturated fatty acid but with a shorter chain. The image below shows the comparison of thegrain kernels, as is clear,Germ stands for Germand makes up only 3% of the weight of the entire "fruit" of the wheat. The caryopsis, in fact, is nothing more than a dry fruit which, even when ripe, does not open to let the seed out.

Where to buy it?
Edible wheat germ oil is not easily found on the market. However, those who want to try it can take advantage of online trading. TO"This Amazon page"several proposals are shown. You will notice that the choice isn't huge when it comes to food germ oil...!

For internal use, there is no shortage of supplements based on wheat germ or "pearls". Generally, two or three "pearls" are taken per day for a limited period of time.

Wheat germ oil in cosmetics, properties and benefits for the skin

L'wheat oilit is also widely used in cosmetics. It is suitable for the preparation of soaps based on natural oils or as a carrier for essential oils to create perfect massage ointments.

For a pain relieving massage

With 6 drops of geranium essential oil, added to a tablespoon of virgin wheat germ oil, you get an excellent ointment to use in case of menstrual pain, muscle pain or abdominal cramps.

Oil to nourish the skin

Pure employee, theWheat germ oilcan give life to a nourishing ointment for damaged and flaking skin: it deeply nourishes and is particularly suitable for dry skin. To deeply nourish the skin, you can use wheat oil as after shower, to be applied to the skin that is still wet.

Also useful for the skin of the face

L'Wheat germ oilit is appreciated in cosmetics for its anti-wrinkle properties: according to experts, it would slow down skin aging thanks to its nutritional elements such as vitamins E, B and A.

Anti-fatigue and anti-cellulite ointment

It can be used for anti-cellulite massages because it improves blood circulation. For the same reason, it can relieve ailments related to restless legs syndrome by exerting a relaxing effect.

To obtain a “boosted” anti-cellulite ointment, you can use, at the same time, thestimulating properties of wheat oiland the tonic-stimulating properties of the oil extracted from ginger. Like what has been explained above, also in this case it is possible to add a few drops of ginger essential oil to a tablespoon of virgin wheat germ oil.

To prepare DIY beauty and mud masks

Again, for anti-aging beauty masks, to improve microcirculation on the legs and buttocks (and thus counteract the imperfections of the classicorange peel, dictated by cellulite) and deeply nourish the skin, it is possible to prepare compresses with wheat germ oil and ventilated green clay.

Natural remedy for psoriasis, eczema and skin disorders

This oil is used to treat skin ailments such as eczema, psioriasis, rashes, to soothe sunburns and to counteract stretch marks and scars.

Benefits and properties

In short, thanks to its properties, wheat germ oil can be considered a good natural remedy against:

  • skin aging.
  • Dry, dehydrated and flaking skin.
  • Scars, stretch marks and wrinkles.
  • Cellulite and skin aOrange peel
  • The restless legs syndrome.
  • Menstrual pains, abdominal cramps and muscle spasms (used in combination with geranium essential oil).
  • Skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis and rashes.

It is excellent for making do-it-yourself soaps: added to a ready-to-dissolve soap base it can give a natural soap with a highly moisturizing and protective effect on the skin.

Wheat germ oil for hair

It is a good ally against split ends, dehydration of the scalp and dry hair. Once absorbed, in fact, it has moisturizing, repairing and rejuvenating effects. It would also seem effective in improving hair growth but, those who want to counteract the fall and make their hair grow faster, in reality, should take a supplement offolic acid while those who want to keep their hair healthy and shiny, could aim for a more suitable oil such as jojoba (jojoba oil for hair)

Wheat Germ Oil, where to buy

The oil ofwheat germcan be purchased in herbalist shops or using the online purchase: on Amazon, a 500 ml bottle of virgin wheat germ oiland 100% pure is offered at a price of 15.99 euros with free shipping costs. For all information, I refer you to "this Amazon page"