Essential oil of Geranium

Essential oil of Geranium

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Essential oil of Geranium: properties, uses, effects on skin, hair and natural remedies for the face. Properties of the Bourbon and Egyptian varieties.

Essential oil of geranium: properties

L'essential oil of geraniumit is highly appreciated for natural skin, hair and face care.

Her property tonic, in fact, make it suitable for the treatment of red skin, oily skin, pale face, wrinkles, hair and loose skin.

Another onepropertymuch appreciated in aromatherapy is the rebalancing one: it would seem that this essential oil may have effectsrebalancingon mood as well as for regulating sebum production.

The modulating action on the activity of the sebaceous glands, added to property antiseptics, make theessential oil of geranium perfect for the treatment of oily skin, acne and for the care of greasy and greasy hair.

For facial skin care, it is possible to add geranium essential oil to the recipe of natural tonic do it yourself, for all the information we refer to the page:do it yourself tonic.

Among other properties, we can include those healing, toning, anti-inflammatory and stimulating. How do the stimulating properties work? If widespread in the environment, it would be able to stimulate intuition and motivation.

It is for the latter property that theessential oil of geraniumit is recommended to be distributed in the office or in those home environments dedicated to study.

Geranium essential oil: uses

The astringent and toning properties are useful for the preparation of firming and anti-cellulite massage ointments. A good geranium-based massage ointment is prepared with:

  • 7 drops of geranium essential oil
  • 7 drops of ginger essential oil
  • a tablespoon of almond oil (which will act as a carrier oil)

Natural remedy for menstrual pain and headache

To take advantage of the propertiesantispasmodic, just dilute 12 drops of geranium essential oil to a tablespoon of almond oil and then massage on the lower abdomen. Against headaches, just rub the same ointment on the temples but less concentrated (8 drops are enough).

Against erythema, skin spots and scars

Diluted 5% in avocado oil, it promotes the healing of sunburn, scars and sores.

Natural repellent

L'essential oil of geraniumit can be used to ward off mosquitoes and other insects to replace the stronger lemongrass (see the properties of lemongrass essential oil below).

Geranium essential oil for hair

As stated, this essential oil performs a functionrebalancingacting directly on the sebaceous glands. It is an excellent remedy for thefat hair that tend to grease or, on the contrary, for dry hair that tends to flake, generate dandruff, itching and dry skin.

In case of itchy hair (related to dryness) or in case of oily hair, you can add a couple of drops of this essential oil directly to your shampoo. One condition to avoidcontraindicationsbetter to use a physiological shampoo!


If you do not suffer from particular allergies and above all, if you use this oil correctly, there are no detailscontraindications.

Any essential oil, including that of geranium, should not be used pure in contact with the skin, therefore, for each use, it should be used diluted in a carrier oil. There are many carrier oils, from almond oil to the classic olive oil you have at home. Any vegetable oil can be used for dilutions.

Where to buy geranium essential oil?

What you find mainly on the market is "The essential oil of geranium Pink". This variety is easily found in herbalists.

The words "Rose geranium essential oil"Was born from the strong similarity between the aroma of geranium and the scent of roses.

A tip for the uses?
If the soap in the bathroom is about to run out or no longer smells, soften it with a little hot water, add the essential oil of pink geranium and fold the remains of the soap back on itself. Soap is nothing but oil, when overheated it can easily incorporate other oils! In this way you will be able to obtain a soap atessential oil of pink geranium, fragrant and with tonic properties!

Who needs a good amount of geranium oil can take advantage of online sales: a 30 ml bottle can be bought on Amazon at a price of 17.99 euros. It is 100% pure essential oil. For every information:Niassance Geranium Rose (in reality it is the essential oil of Egyptian variety rose geranium).

Essential oil of Egyptian geranium

On the market you can find several essential oils of geranium accompanied by variousendorsements. Contrary to what we saw with the essential oil of bitter orange (essential oil of orange blossom, Neroli ...) which are extracted with different processes and from different tree parts, theessential oil of geraniumit is produced with the same technique and from the same plant, the speciesPelargonium graveolens. The different terms refer to the cultivated variety and also to the geographical location of origin if a certain microclimate is required for cultivation.

Widespread is theessential oilextracted fromegyptian geranium.The variety in question is native to Egypt and South Africa but is still cultivated throughout the Mediterranean basin.

The varietyEgyptianit is more widespread than that Bourbon. Although there are no studies that report different concentrations of active ingredients, the Baourbon variety charges more than the classic local pink geranium or Egyptian pink geranium.

Please note: the plant of origin is the same, it is always a geranium of the Ipelargonium graveolens speciesto differ are thecultivarand the countries of origin, but thepropertyare the same.

Bourbon Geranium Essential Oil

More valuable is the varietyBourbonespecially for its geographical identification. The Bourbon geranium variety is grown on the island of Réunion, in the Indian Ocean.

Thanks to the local climatic conditions, the levels of humidity in the air and the fertility of the soil, this geranium seems to be particularly rich in active ingredients: there is no experimental evidence but a difference in terms of smell.

It would seem that the essential oil of Geranium Bourbon would be characterized by a more intense perfume note.

L'Bourbon geranium essential oilit is more difficult to find on the market and the cost is higher.

Where to buy it? On Amazon, a 30ml bottle of 100% Pure Bourbon Geranium Essential Oil is offered at a price of 26.99 euros with shipping costs included. For all information, please refer to the Amazon page:Naissance Pure Essential Oil.

How to make geranium essential oil at home

L'essential oil of geraniumis produced by the process ofsteam distillationof the various aerial parts of the plant, leaves, twigs and flowers.

The species used for the production of geranium essential oil isPelargonium graveolens,a plant of the Geraniaceae family.

Those who want to produce essential oil at home and have a dense cultivation of geranium available can follow the explanation of the steam distillate methodology:Steam distillation.

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